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0081: The 7th Ascension of Universal Century

So what comes next after the end of 00-S2 in 5 weeks time? That’s the question that has been bogging the fans all around the world for some time now, with many hoping an animated Gundam UC, the ever popular light novel series featuring the magnificent Unicorn Gundam and Sinanju, both just had themselves MG-ed into GunPla within these few months…

With the 30th anniversary of Gundam franchise around the corner, Gundam ACE magazine published a rather shocking news, announcing a new yet unnamed project. Several piccies were released and some base information were provided…

30th Anniversary Gundam Project

Earth Federation (Phantom Sweep)

Hughes Curro

Age 32. A veteran officer who leads the Phantom Sweep special forces
unit charged with hunting for Zeon remnants. He has a bitter experience
in which his unit was annihilated in the past.

Sherry Allison
Female. Age 24. She was serving as a test pilot but was assigned to the special forces unit as a replacement.

Zeon Remnants (Invisible Knights)

Erik Blanque
Age 20. A young officer whose family is a distinguished family in the
Principality of Zeon. He takes command of the “Invisible Knights” in
order to execute a counterattack operation against the Earth Federation

The time is Universal Century 0081. One
year has passed since the war. Although the world was regaining order,
small-scale battles continued in various places by the Zeon remnants
who still continued to resist. During the situation, a veteran soldier
of the Earth Federation Forces is appointed to a cleanup operation of
the Zeon remnant forces. Feelings mix on the battlefield as the young
Zeon officers advance their secret strategy for the revival of Zeon…

Although not officially confirmed, this new project might be an animated OVA series similar to 08th MS Team, chronicling the events after the One Year War and before the Nightmare of Solomon…

What drew my attention is perhaps the mecha design in this series will be handled by Katoki Hajime sensei, the meister behind many of Master Grade GunPla’s technology breakthroughs. His mecha design has always been true to real world mechanics, unlike some of totally unrealistic and weird designs by various mecha designers. Most of his mecha designs feature extreme mechanical details and custom markings, which make his designs stand above the rest…


The scans above showed a redesigned RX-78-7 Phantom Gundam Unit 7 (I prefer to call it 7th gundam), which from my perspective is a mix of the First, Alex and Crossbone… From the looks of it, the design will do Bandai happy as they can milk the GunPla community with minimum mould cost as they can actually reuse the mould of Gundam version KA (The First redesigned by Hajime sensei, LOL) or the recent Gundam version 2.0 for their MG franchise…

Also worth to note that the chara designer for this new series, Suzuki Tatsuya, is a notable chara designer for various Hentai Anime… ^_^ Hughes resembles that of an older Shiro Armada, while Sherry is your typical hentai anime heroine… XD Erik on the other hand looks like a younger Gato, with a touch of Char … o.0

Below are data panels of the older Phantom Gundam Unit 7 by Okawara Kunio as part of the Gundam MSV lore…


Meh, I prefer Hajime sensei’s new design more than the bulky behemoth by Kunio sensei… Awaiting more news in the near future!


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