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S2-20: A New Return

I’ve won the bid on 1/100 Zaku Warrior Live Concert Extra Finish Version (Still a mouthful, *coughs*!)!!! Someone managed to out bid me by 3,100 yen but I managed to counterattack with 3,200 yen, which lasted until I won… Meh… now waiting for the arrival of my GunPla… ^_^

I plan to bid for another item, a non-Gundam series merchandise this time – the special Figma Saber Lilly which came only with the PS2 game Fate / Stay Night Unlimited Codes… I’m not going to pay for a whopping 10,000+ yen just to get both the game and the Figma tho, thus my decision to try for the auctions… but it seems a lot of people are bidding for the same item as well, and the best price I found is 2,000 yen and the item is second hand (used) but still in mint condition… Gotta make my decision soon…


"I am an Innovator!"

Anew revealed her allegiance as an Innovator, together with Revive, both of them attempted to steal the 00 and the 0-Raiser for Ribbons. However, Anew’s attempt failed when Setsuna and Lockon caught up to her while the O-Raiser was retaken when Revive was outwitted, although the two managed to escape.

Revive, Healing Care and Anew soon returned to the Celestial Being to finish what they’ve started, along came Louise in her newly acquired Mobile Armour Regnant… Lyle attempted to get through to Anew, which resulted in the almost complete destruction of Cherudim; Unfortunately just as it appeared he has succeeded, he is caught off guard when Ribbons took direct control of Anew’s body…

As Anew prepared to strike Lockon down, Setsuna pulled the trigger and shoots her, just as he said he would if the situation called for it. In a GN particle induced vision, Lockon and Anew share one final moment together before her suit explodes and kills her.

Back at the Ptolemy, Lockon threw his anger and frustration on Setsuna before he collapsed in grief. The rest of the crews looked on as Saji wondered if him and Louise’s situation might ended up just like Lockon and Anew…

"Someday, Louise and I will probably…"

Another tragedy in this episode! Following the same formula seen in the series (Just 00, not all Gundam series) so far, Anew’s past has been revealed, then she’ll be crossed off from the list of the living… XD

Gundam-jacked just like Stardust Memory and SEED series! XD Anyways, Anew shot Lasse and managed to held Mileina as hostage, trying for a hijack of 00 for a hasty escape when Revive "interfaced" with her, fully unlocking her sleeper agent status…

Fully utilise his newly gained brain particle wave thingie super power, Setsuna led Lockon towards Anew, whom currently engaged in a gun lock with Soma. Arriving at the scene Lockon and Setsuna managed to save Mileina as the latter tricked Anew from letting her guard down…

On the other side of the ship, Revive managed to slip into 0-Raiser for a quick getaway. However, Revive failed to notice the on-board pink Haro which later retaken the controls of 0-Raiser, initiating docking sequence with the closing 00. LOL, to think a hijacker outwitted by a mere pinky ball of explosive loveliness… XD Forcing to abandon the prize, Revive damaged the 0-Raiser, and was later picked up by Anew in an escape vessel. Due to Lockon’s hesitation to shoot Anew, the Innovators escaped the wrath of the Celestial Being…

Looks like my assumption of anew being a sleeper agent is incorrect… She is conscious of herself being an Innovator all along! however, it would appears that her feeling for Lockon is genuine, as she was kinda hope Lockon will choose to join the Innovators in order to be with her. Seems like a darker version of the relationship of Aina x Shiro in 08th MS Team… ^_^

Soon after the escape of the Innovators, Ptolemy was threatened by a returning MS x MA combination from the Innovators. Tagging along is Louise, in her newly received crabby Regnant… The curving beam attacks kinda resemble that of Calamity’s (SEED), able to change the direction of the charging beam towards her targets at will, as expected from the newly Innovated Louise…

Cherudim was forced to engage Anew’s blue Garozzo in an intense hand-to-hand, with Lockon being the losing side due to his affinity to ranged weaponry. However, it appears that Lockon still hesitates to attack Anew as his beam pistols’ attacks seem weak… As Cherudim was being led away, the rest of the team sans 00 faced an increasingly difficult task in facing off with the Innovators, putting them in a bind as even Seravee’s most powerful attack was deflected by Regmnant’s powerful shield… Revive and Healing managed to slipped pass the Meisters as Remnant hold them in a shocking therapy, it would seems Ptolemy is in danger of being shot down as 00 haven’t launched from the ship….

Elsewhere, Cherudim was badly damaged with its battle with Anew’s MS, but Lockon activated his Trans-Am and released his Full Burst Mode (Fake) against the Fang equipped Garozzo. A homage to SEED series, the Shield Bit flurry attacks resembles that of Funnels of Strike Freedom’s. At last Lockon managed to cripple Anew, but while he attempted to reach for her, Anew was overtaken by Ribbons. Remotely controlling the body of Anew, Ribbons counterattacked Cherudim while Lockon still reel in disbelief…

Just as Anew was about to put a final blow on Lockon, Setsuna arrived just in time to put a mortal blow on her MS, just like he promised Lockon before the battle. More naked scene as Lockon and Anew met skin-to-skin in another GN Particle affected dream-like state, as Anew bid farewell to her lover with a beautiful smile before her MS explodes, ending her miserable life and a loud ED kicks in… XD

The epilogue had us witnessing Lockon vending his frustration and anger at Setsuna for the lost of Anew. So I assumed 00-Raiser was managed to be launched to intercept Revive and Healing, driving them along with the Regnant before Setsuna appeared to save Lockon earlier… Anyways, Setsuna took all of Lockon’s blows as Lockon collapsed into a crying spree.

Looks like the immortal Liu Mei actually survives Nena’s attacks from the last episode as she turns up in the next, S2-21: The Door to Innovation…


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