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S2-19: The Shadows of the Innovators

For some reason, I’m feeling exhausted over all the works I’ve done in the past week after the Golden Week… Maybe I’ve been resting for too long?

Anyways… I’ve managed to find a good price (Mere 3,000 yen for a Chara Hobby 2007 limited GunPla… Best bargain ever!) for the 1/100 Zaku Warrior Live Concert Extra Finish Version (What a mouthful…) at Japan Yahoo Auction, which I’ve been searching for almost two years!!! W00t can’t wait for the end of the auction which is due in three days when I… if I won the bid…

BTW, in case some of you failed to notice, Bandai Hobbysite has updated its 1/60 Perfect Grade Astray Red Frame page with tons of info and piccies, along with specs for each part of the body… XD

All right, the Review x Summary is late this week due to slowdown and occasionally disconnection of internet connection… So here you are…


"Vengeance won’t change anything… It will bring further conflicts…"

In the course of the Ptolemy encounter with another A-LAWs attack, Revive was captured after his encounter with Tieria.

Saji and Louise finally met in battle, but were being transported to an alternate reality. As the two patch thing up, Louise was left shaken in her resolve to fight against him.

While Sumeragi and the Meisters interrogating Revive, his presence on the ship caused Anew to reveal her allegiance to the Innovators. She hijacked the Ptolemy as she fired her gun at Lasse Aeon.

Wang Liu Mei and Hong Long tried to leave Ribbon’s hideout to deliver Veda’s location to Celestial Being, only for their ship to be shot down by Nena Trinity with Gundam Throne Drei…

"Awesome! This is soooo exciting…!!!"

Just in the nick of time, Marina was saved by Klause’s quick response, eliminating the Internal Security agents before they fire theirs. Thank Goddess Marina’s alive… Continuing from the last episode, the remnants fled the hostile area through a hidden tunnel, a legacy from the 20th century, while Klause held on against the attacks from the Federation. Shirin tired to hand over a sidearm to Marina, but Marina still refused to take arms against her principals… Should I say Marina’s stubborn or should I say she has a strong resolve to keep her principals at all times?

Elsewhere, the Celestial Being engaged in a bottleneck battle with the A-LAWs. LOL, Soma still refused to acknowledge the name of Marie even within the heat of the battle… ^_^ Wow, I thought Shield Bit utilised by Cherudim were just defensive armaments… but it seems that the little guys work just like Nu’s Fin Funnels.. scary… >,< On the otherhand, Setsuna helped Saji to locate Louise’s Mobile Suit so the lovers can make peace… Likewise, Seravee proceed with its mission to capture an Innovator just as planned.

During an intermission, Ribbons’ mentioned Setsuna’s mutation / changes in his cell level… and stated of his "Innovation"… So Setsuna is now close to being an Innovator? As in what OldTypes becoming NewTypes in the Universal Century Era? Anyways, as 00’s GN particles reached a critical stage, a majority of the battlefield was affected. Psylink between the Super Soldiers and the Innovators has been established ala NewType sense, allowing them to hear each other’s thoughts, even normals like the rest of the grunts and the crews of Ptolemy heard the minds of Saji and Setsuna… Allelujah was also emerged for a brief moment as the result…

The next scene between Saji and Louise appears to be the most anti-climatic plot in this episode, as the two of them comes in terms with each other… in an alternate plane!? Anyways, Seraphim managed to capture Revive thanks to Seravee’s multiple limb attacks, while Louise was forcefully retreated by Andrei. Saji said the most convincing words for the first time…

Master Gundam sairin! Somewhere on the battlefield, Masurao observed the battles between the two giants. For a moment there the image of Touhou Fuhai / Master Asia flashed through my thoughts as Masurao strike a pose similar to Master Gundam’s… XD Back on Earth, it seems Marina and gang successfully escaped the Internal Security. Elsewhere, Saji strengthened his resolve to fight, in order to bring back his beloved from the other side (Did I sounded too much like Louise’s already dead? XD)…

As the Celestial Being interrogated Revive, Lockon finds the resemblance between this captured Innovator and Anew uncanny… In the bridge of Ptolemy, Anew now her sleeper agent status being unlocked (Due to close proximity of her lookalike perhaps), revealed herself to be an Innovator, firing her sidearm at the adjacent Lasse, probably hijacking Ptolemy along the way… I hope Lasse survived tho, since he is the only pilot in the ship…

As a closure to the episode, we were shown Liu Mei’s ship being pulverised by Nena Trinity, in her old Throne Drei… Wow… to think Drei was hidden in Nena’s Mobile Armour all along… However, Liu Mei was intended to hand over the location of Veda to the Celestial Being (Being her usual double agent and all), and Ribbons seems to know of Regene’s traitorous intention and of Nena’s plan to kill Liu Mei… Not to mention Nena’s probably Innovated as well… Does that mean Nena works for the Innovators now? Like many fans around the globe, I seriously doubt that Nena’s doing it because of the Innovators, but of her own psychotic mood swings…

Anew will have an episode dedicated to her in the next, S2-20: A New Return…

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