Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

2’s a charm!

More updated piccies and info on 00-S2, still one month away… *Doki, doki!*

The Celestial Four in their cool new pilot suits, along with their respective Gundam units… I like those new uniform better than the ones in 00-S1…

Setsuna F. Seiei and 00

Lockon Stratos and Cherudim

Allelujah Haptism and Arios

* The dagger shaped Mobile Armour mode sure helps if Allelujah decides to do a Kamikaze attack… XD Reminds me of the awesome Star Destroyer of Star Wars fame…

Tieria Erde and Seravee

* A fellow DA forumer pointed this one out, and I kinda agrees… is that a head on Seravee’s back!? Oh my the horror of Mobile Fighter G Gundam Series’s Devil Gundam and Gundam Head is back to haunt me… Maybe this Seravee is a head unit for a massive Psycho Gundam-like (Mobile Suit Z Gundam) Mobile Armour, an idea stolen from Transformers Headmasters? >,<

Ptolemaios 2

“Celestial Being’s new mothership. Though the previous Ptolemaios was basically unarmed, the Ptolemaios 2 seems to be equipped with weapons everywhere.”
* The new transport ship now sports many enhancements when compared to her older sibling, especially on the defence systems… The bridge side of the ship looks similar to the designs of Argama, the Gundam transport from Mobile Suit Z Gundam Series… Looks kinda like an oversized GN Arms as well…

More MS belonging to the Earth Sphere Federation…

GNX-704T Ahead

“Arrows’ latest main model mobile suit. It’s form and armament are derived from the GN-X, a characteristic that can be seen in the drive on its back.”
* Oh my this is one ugly hulk of a Mobile Suit! Looks like a cross between Tieren with Jinx…


“A unit deployed as the main MS of the Earth Federation army that includes improvements to the model brought about 4 years prior by the guardians.”
Armament: GN Lance (a lance with a built-in rifle used for shooting and assault)
* Closely resembles the mecha design from Code Geass series, like a medieval age knight soldier, especially since its main weapon is a lance… Now, where’s the horse? It made its appearance during the epilogue of 00-S1… XD Anyways, I wonder where is Jinx II, a design failure during reverse engineering of the 1st Jinx?


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