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Late comers…

Even though the first season ended, the official site still updates its contents to synchronise with the anime’s mecha and chara appearance up until now… Albeit late, it’s better than never, no? It’s a good thing considering most fans are anti spoilers, and would wreak havoc if the info on various mecha and chara appears before initial showing of the appropriate episode… XD

Celestial Being
GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh

Head height: 18.1 m
Base weight: 54.0 t
Pilot: Tieria Erde
Armament: GN cannon, GN beam saber, GN beam rifle, GN sword


“One of Celestial Being’s Gundams. A unit concealed inside the GN-005 Gundam Virtue, its existence is unique among the Gundams. The unit’s greatest feature is the Trial System. This function can control all the machines linked with Veda. It’s one of the guard systems protecting against the collapse of the plans made by the organization’s founder, Aeolia Schenberg, who hid other similar such systems within his many plans. The Trial System’s primary targets are Gundams and it creates an overwhelming dominance against them in battle. However, its effect range is restricted to a small area. During planning, it seems there was equipment to expand the Trial System but it’s unknown if it was actually manufactured. The long, red cords on the head are used to supply GN particles to entirety of the Virtue’s armor.”
* The femme fatale hidden underneath Virtue, with long hair-like cords hanging about her head…

United Nations 

Overall length: 56.1 m
Overall width: 37.9 m
Overall height: 42.6 m


“An enormous weapon used in the UN Forces’ final battle against Celestial Being. It’s equipped with 7 pseudo-solar furnaces. With a gigantic beam cannon capable of firing extremely long distances, a strong GN Field, as well as other weaponry, it boasts the overwhelming power of past solar furnace-equipped units. Its armament also includes large, melee combat-use arms and midrange combat-use Fangs.”
*It’s Byg Zam without legs! Fear my huge cannon and crabby claws! XD



Head height: 17.6 m
Base weight: 69.2 t
Pilot: Alejandro Corner


“A pseudo-solar furnace equipped mobile suit stored inside the Alvatore. In reality, the Alvatore is only an enhancement for this unit, its true form. The wing portions can function as large beam cannons that make extremely long distance attacks. The pilot is one of Celestial Being’s observers, Alejandro Corner, who betrayed his organization and gave pseudo-solar furnaces to the UN.”
*Totally lost to the gallant Hyaku Shiki (Mobile Suit Z Gundam) in terms of design and overall physiques… Shame on its ugly wings… >,< What, you’re trying to become Wing Zero Custom (New Mobile Report W Gundam: Endless Waltz) with that twin rifles of yours?


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