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Site Expansion of AFA14

It’s been moons since any major announcement for the greatest event of the year, Anime Festival Asia 2014, which will be held on the island nation of the Lion City.


With the passing of Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2014 last week, looks like the officials finally decided to release some info for the upcoming end-of-year event.


Official Announcement of AFA14

After a couple of wild but well-placed speculations, words of god SOZO finally confirmed our suspicion all along…


During Anime Japan 2014 earlier today, Anime Festival Asia panel has revealed a couple of set of dates: 15, 16, 17 August for AFAID14 in Jakarta Convention Centre and 5, 6, 7 December for AFA14 in Singapore Suntec Convention Centre… 


Incoming Announcement of AFA14

Brace yourselves…


AFA14 is coming…

Another Rumour of AFA14

Outta no where, another set of dates were spotted on a random online site, thanks to diligent eyes of a certain comrade.


Denouncing the earlier speculation of a possible a 5-day event, looks like AFA14 will only run on its usual 3-day period. 

Goodness gracious my poor feet will be saved… XDc


The Unexpected Reveal of AFA14

Barely a couple of weeks after the Brand New Year and only a little more than a month since AFA13,  I’ve been alerted by a keen-eyed comrade Photog of news on a certain event…


Well that was fast~! 0w0


Acquisitions of AFA13

You don’t expect me to go on for an Anime Festival Asia 2013 trip without any loot of my own, do you? w

Unlike earlier years, most of my acquisition this time around are mostly apparel and merchandise, along with a single tiny figure. :P 


Got three T-Shirts in order to expand my library of anime related wardrobe, incidentally all of them are white in base. w

Two of them are from the doujin circle Tomodachi T-Shirts (As per the name of their circle, specialised in anime T-Shirts) while another one is from Culture Japan Booth. w


Cultural Night After AFA13

Anime Festival Asia 2013 maybe over, but there’s still a social assembly left to attend on the day after… the usual Post AFA gathering of Culture Japan Night.


Held at the Kallang Theatre near the Stadium MRT station identical to last year, it was more of a Culture Japan Noon as the event started at roughly 1500 hours until 2000 hours of the day.


Cosplays of AFA13

As promised previously, the very post you’ve been waiting for from Anime Festival Asia 2013: costume plays!


Day 1 saw little of them cosplayers, but on Day 2 and 3 a throng of them came and occupied them halls setting up small bubbles of photog space all over the place. w


Hub of Creations of AFA13

Breaking away from the usual commercial booths and display, there’s an area within Anime Festival Asia 2013 dedicated towards the talents and fandom of them anime and manga, resulting in the doujinshi infested Creators Hub.


Official merchandise alone won’t satiate most otaku’s appetite, thus the third parties will see through that and fill in the emptiness. w


More Halls of AFA13

Continuing from the last post on them halls and displays, let’s have a look at the rest of them cool stuffs happened during Anime Festival Asia 2013


One of the featured anime in the event is Love Live! School Idol Project, an anime similar to Idolm@ster.

For the uninitiated, the premise of the series is about nine girls trying to prevent the closure of their beloved school by becoming an amateur idol group amongst many competing rival groups, striving to promote their own school, in order to increase the student applications to the said school. w


The Halls of AFA13

Last weekend, I’ve made a trip towards Suntec Convention Centre to pay a visit to the annual Anime Festival Asia 2013!


It’s only been a year since my last visit to the place, but it seems that the usual route (From the City Hall MRT station to Suntec) has taken a new identity, underwent renovations while I am stuck on my island for the year.

Managed to briefly lost myself in the shopping mall labyrinths, good thing I’ve already researched the route the day before.

Oh well off to AFA we go!


The Day Before AFA13

Waking up very early in the morning excited (Thus having only a total of 5 hours sleep time), I’m going on an adventure a journey to the city of the fishy lion for my annual pilgrimage to Anime Festival Asia 2013!


Barely even dawn, I’ve already hitched a ride towards my island’s only airstrip, to board the crimson steel bird that will take me towards the skies.


Planning Ahead for AFA13

T-minus 5 days left until I board the iron bird to the south, heading to wards my annual pilgrimage destination for Anime Festival Asia 2013!


With the date of the event coming closer and closer in a few sleeps, the official finally released the floor plan, highlighting various exhibitors and their relative position within the halls of Suntec.


Stage Schedule of AFA13

In less than a couple of weeks time, yours sincerely will make the annual pilgrimage down South to the City of Fishy Lion to attend the event a majority of us has been waiting for – the Anime Festival Asia 2013!


Aside from the ones announced a few weeks earlier, there are more special guests that will make their appearance to the event itself!

AFA is still growing and getting better than past years, comrades!


The (No Longer) Secrets of AFA13

Up until now, the AFA13 official site lacks them latest updates when they are announcing newer additions towards the event itself via their Book of Faces


That’s no longer the case as the official site has finally been updated along with the latest stuffs…


More Secret Additions to AFA13

Looks like them AFA13 officials are getting greedy… XDc


Yet another sudden reveal via their Book of Faces, there will be another trio of special guests to make their appearance during this year’s AFA…


Another Secret Addition to AFA13

Revealed just a few moment ago via their Book of Faces, it seems that them AFA13 officials has worked hard in bringing in more and more secret guests to the event this year… 


Not content with just more cosplayer guests, another special person will be making his appearance as special stage guest.


Secret Additions to AFA13

Besides Baozi x Hana, it seems AFA13 will bring in more guest cosplayers from the region as well.


Be prepared to be ‘smacked’ with lovely eye-candies when you pay your visit/pilgrimage to the halls and stage of Suntec Convention Centre later the year in more than a month’s time! XDc


Tix of an AFA13

In only a week after the exciting announcement of many heavy-weight artistes and guest of the anime/manga industry, the time has come for the officials to release the ticketing info.


Since this year’s AFA will span across 3 full days instead of the usual 2-day-event of previous years, visitors will have to purchase an extra tix this time. :/


Stunning Line-Ups of AFA13

Revealed during the 1st day of AFAID’s Anisong Concert live, a full line-up of various guest for AFA13 has finally been announced!


Spanning over 3 nites of awesome line-ups of various artistes, AFA regular May’n as well as returning artistes T.M. Revolution and LiSA will once again grace the stage. Time to get more and more excited, comrades!


Poking a Tease of an AFA13

After many Moons of the lack of information on the event itself, an announcement will be teased on AFAID in Indonesia (6th of September) during the 1st day of its Anisong Concert live!


AFA’s official website will also be launched at 11.59 pm on the same day. :3c

Time to get excited, comrades!

Tabling the Time for AFA13

Looks like I can finally starting to work on my schedule for my annual pilgrimage to the Lion City later the year… 

The timetable for the AFA events has finally been revealed~!


Looks like AFAID13 will be held in Jakarta Convention Centre on the 6th, 7th and 8th of September while AFA13 will be held in Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre on the 8th, 9th and 10th of November.

AFAMY13 on the other hand is still undecided it seems…


Tease of an AFA13



The officials will announce the details in the very, very near future. :3c

Procurement: AFA12の勝利品

Lots, booties, treasures! What event ends without any wallet-killing? XDc

Like many AFA before it, AFA12 too drained my in-store credits to its core… orz

Ever since I’ve got myself the Moekana cards back during AFAMY12, I’ve wanted to get one of those deck holders every Card Battlers been carrying around… Luckily a certain Uncle got them in stock at discounted price at his Kopitiam in the halls!

Got a couple of them, one for the Moekana and the other for holding the meishi I’ve collected… XDc

The holders come with a trio of extra Moekana card too along with a lovely paper bag!



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