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Day 24th of the 12th Moon, otherwise known as the KFC Day Christmas Eve, is a sacred night for them love birds and families.

And of course rori and shota anticipating gifts from the ho-ho-ho-old fat man in red :3c


Celebrating Tama-chan’s 3rd X’mas, Tama-chan will of course dedicated Tama-chan’s self towards the happiness of ご主人様.



In a few more days, I’ll catch a flight down south for the annual pilgrimage.

Tama_chan_ Modern_Spring_Outfit_01

Of course Tama-chan will accompany me in my trip, she’ll bring along her new outfit just in time for the event too.


Puella Magi Aqua Tama-chan

Released in limited quantities during the Home Town Dolls Party Sendai (And After Event) last moon, I’ve eyed with my keen eagle sight upon the Magical Aqua Dress set, immediately registered my entry to the Volks’ notorious lottery system that will allow me to purchase the selected item if I win.

Unfortunately, due to my usual Otaku Jinx active skill, I’ve lost my bid, putting me in the chasm of zetsubou… D:



Tama-chan hasn’t been quite active these past few Moons, due to certain upgrades she’s been slowly getting part-by-part… :3c

Had her undergone a retinal surgery just a few days ago, Tama-chan received an eyeful of boost in her visual department..^_~



It has dawned to me that I’ve neglected the poor kitsune musume for many moons now… 0:

Good thing my laziness failed its die roll, allowing me to have another wonderful yet exhausting morning hours well spent with my Tama-chan…^_~



Tama-chan has lost Tama-chan’s hat! D:

Have you seen Tama-chan’s hat (Anywhere)? >w<



Another whole evening dedicated to Tama-chan! :3c

The passing Saturday, Goshujin-sama once again set up a temporary photoshooting studio upon our comfy moe futon, and proceed to ask Tama-chan for a barrage of poses and flashes in Tama-chan’s new apparel, arrived just a week before… >w<



It’s been a while since Tama-chan’s last gravure session… ^_~

Luckily, Goshujin-sama finally took the opportunity to dedicate utmost attention towards Tama-chan the whole yesternoon… 0w0



A wise one once said: “A picture is worth a thousand words”…

I wholeheartedly agreed~! XDc



When I was asking around for help searching for lovely outfits for Tama-chan some moons ago, comrade Natalie from Dollfie World offered her assistance, nabbing me a fine and exquisite Qi Pao in red for my furry Servant… ^~^

Many thanks to Natalie-san for making one happy kitsune outta Tama-chan… XDc



Spent the whole evening tirelessly posing for Goshujin-sama’s lens, a quarter of day has passed in just a wag of Tama-chan’s shippo~! XDc

Pity tho Goshujin-sama ended up with a sore back… /Cracks!



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