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Extra Merchandise of Another Fate

After a full Moon since the release of Fate/Extra CCC, I’ve finally completed and obtained Tama-chan’s Servant Ending! www


While preparing to start the game anew with New Game + using another Servant (I’ve decided on Aka Saber! www), I’ve unwittingly knowingly scoured the vast space known as the internet and found several related merchandise now in pre-order stage.


An Extra Serving of Another Fate

After a series of delays, as well as the chou mukatsuku late delivery by the Postal Dude, I’ve finally acquired the long-awaited Type-Moon’s PSP JRPG, Fate/Extra CCC


The limited edition package of the game itself comes with the Virgin White Box and a pre-order extra: a B5 sized Virgin Bride artbook/magazine.


Skirmish of an Extra Fate

T-minus two days left until the eventual release of one of the most anticipated Type-Moon’s PSP JRPG of all time, Fate/Extra CCC


Yet another aspect of the game itself has been revealed under the System page of the official site…


Costume Change of an Extra Fate

Just several days left until the eventual release of one of the most anticipated Type-Moon’s PSP JRPG of all time, Fate/Extra CCC


Another aspect of the game itself has been revealed under the Special page of the official site…

Various alternate costumes for your Servants! XDc





A prosperous Lunar New Nyaa to all~! X3c…


Opening the Shaft of an Extra Fate

It was revealed sometime earlier that the new OP for Fate/Extra CCC will be under the care of Shaft, the studio well-known for their success with anime series like the Monogatari saga, Puella Magi Madoka Magica and the recent Sasami-san@Ganbaranai…

Finally, the said OP has been revealed today to the public by the official!


Eve of Eve

A couple of nights before the end of the old year, in celebration of surviving the Mayan Apocalypse, once again I along with local InnovaDDoushi gathered at Coob Coffee Club for a small Doll Meet to allow our musume a breather after a long year of work… ^_~

I was somewhat late for the meetup time, but the rest of the group were not there when I reached the destination… ^o^;;;


Lengthy Introduction to an Extra Fate

Famitsu, the resident Japanese gaming info site, has posted a rather detailed and lengthy introduction to the world of Fate/Extra CCC

Besides the already released product info, main and side charas as well as announcement of the animated OP for the game, this update brings us the much-needed info on the Sakura Dungeon! ^_~


The Art of an Extra Fate

With only a season until the eventual release of one of the most anticipated Type-Moon JRPG Fate/Extra CCC, the official site finally updated with the box art design of the game itself.

As expected, the game box itself features Saber Bride and Sakura as its main theme…


The Shafted of an Extra Fate

It’s been some time since any news about Fate/Extra CCC, well at least until earlier today… XD

In a Fate/Extra CCC event today, an announcement was made on the fate of the game itself and it has been relayed to the social media in real-time…


Doll Meet @ Coob Coffee Club

It’s been a while since Tama-chan accompanies Goshujin-sama to an outing ever since our trip to AFAMY12 a couple of months ago…

To Tama-chan’s surprise, Goshujin-sama actually brought Tama-chan to a meeting or sort of several other local InnovaDDo, allowing Tama-chan to get acquainted with Tama-chan’s brethren… ^~^


The Bride of an Extra Fate

After a lengthy video preview some time earlier, as well as a guest appearance during Summer WonFes held a fortnight ago, Saber (Version CCC) managed to find her way to the bosom of a certain Mikatan, much the delight of Saberphiles out there… XD

Even Mikatan herself stated that she couldn’t wait to play the PSP game, soon to be released early next year… 


Central Characters Chart of an Extra Fate

Although its release has been delayed, the official site of Fate/Extra CCC has been updated, filled with information on the Player and his/her Servant candidates…

Even though silhouetted, one can recognise the shadows as Matou Sakura’s doppelgänger as well as Gilgamesh lurking by each sides of the main casts…


Lighting up the Darkness

Recently acquired a gadget to play with…

Proceeds to have fun in the darkness… ^o^


Bridal Fantasy of an Extra Fate

Famitsu once again has the 1st hand news on the upcoming Fate/Extra CCC, a retelling of the popular PSP JRPG Fate/Extra, slated to be released on Spring this year!

After moons of silence, we’ll finally get to see the coloured prototype of the much talked Saber Bride bundled with the limited Type-Moon Virgin White Box of the game itself!


Sisterly Love… Dovahkiin

Pack your bunnies away for in less than a day’s time, we’ll see the rise of the Dovahkiin~~!!!


Sisterly Love… メリクリ

After the disappointment of an unexpected gift from last Earth Cycle, how will Chibily fares this year? XDc


Sisterly Love… 円卓姫騎士隊

The onee-chan finally makes her triumphant return to her lovely imouto-tachi!


Alternate Serving of an Extra Fate

Announced several moons back, the ever popular PSP JRPG Fate/Extra will see an alternate retelling of its electronic Holy Grail War by next year…

Revealed at Famitsu earlier today, Fate/Extra CCC will see various familiar faces with new looks!

Set within the same world (but of a different parallel timeline) of the earlier Fate/Extra, an error has caused a change to the SE.RA.PH. world of Moon Cell… The new story will see the player, again choosing over Saber, Archer or Caster as their Servant in order to interact with other denizens of this new, darker world like Sakuraider and an unknown devilish lookin’ Servant…

It seems you’ll be able to import your Save Data from Fate/Extra and use it in this new game too! :3c Tama-chan wonders what perks will Goshujin-sama earn when importing Tama-chan’s personal data into CCC… >w<


(Wo)Man in Black

Announced earlier in conjunction with the starting of the broadcasting of the Fate/Zero anime, Figma Blog finally shows a complete coloured prototype of the ever smart-lookin’ Yakuza Saber!

Begun Holy Grail War has… :3c


Calm before the stormy Holy Grail War

With imminent release of one of the most anticipated PSP Nasuverse Dungeon RPG of this time…

Aksys Games has finally projected launched their Reality Marble official website upon SE.RA.PH. net since yesternight!


Return of the King

If Tama-chan guessed correctly, it’s either Goshujin-sama’s plea was heard…

…or it’s GSC going all-out-Fate-mode to ride alongside the recent flow of Fate/Zero fever… ^_~


Sisterly Love… Bully

After a long while, Drossel Ojou is back for more mischiefs!



Still getting warmer, Volks unleashed a third impact upon the InnovaDDo population, lookin’ determined to bring down the protective Absolute Territory Field!

Crumbling inside the said field is a lone Tama-chan, still withstanding the Unlimited Poison Works alongside Goshujin-sama… ≧w≦



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