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Lighting up the Darkness

Recently acquired a gadget to play with…

Proceeds to have fun in the darkness… ^o^



あけましてお萌えで―っててて, that was almost a full Moon ago! ^~^;

Just a few moments earlier with complements of distant fireworks, we’ve entered another dawn of a brand new Lunar New Year!! ^0^

And so the bunnies have retired, leaving the new Earth Cycle to the care of the just arrived Dovahkiin! ^_~


Sisterly Love… メリクリ

After the disappointment of an unexpected gift from last Earth Cycle, how will Chibily fares this year? XDc


Sisterly Love… 円卓姫騎士隊

The onee-chan finally makes her triumphant return to her lovely imouto-tachi!


Sisterly Love… Bully

After a long while, Drossel Ojou is back for more mischiefs!


Sisterly Love… じッ~~~~

What a wonderful week full of wonderful news of various Type-Moon Fate Multiverse projects!


Sisterly Love… レディ・ゴー!

Debut of a new logo for Sisterly Love 4koma series, and of course another randomness of a figure life! XDc


White Knightess Chronicles

A moon has passed since the incident, the Lady of the Lake finally answered my prayers, sending this pure white knightess to aid me in my dark crusade… >:3

I was pleasantly surprised to finally find the danbooru arrived at my den a couple of days ago, and it has no packaging damage to boot, considering the disappointing postal service in my country~!

Being a limited edition and all, I’ve spent quite a fortune in the acquisition of the most expensive Figma I ever had.However, the princess knight worth every penny I’ve spent, as she is quite a fine specimen…

Saber Lily is an alternate costume for Saber in the game Fate: Unlimited Codes, a VS Fighting genre game for PS2 and PSP…

Figma Saber Lily was made to complement the launching of the PS2 version of the game last year as a premium package, and only a limited amount of these were made, making this Figma the most sought after figure around the world due to her rarity…

I got this one without its PS2 game, as I’ve bought the game and the PSP version beforehand… >,<

The details on this Figma are astonishing, coated with silver bling bling for all her armour pieces.

Lily is also a combination of several known fetishes (Ponytail, Goth Loli, exposed back, armpit, garter undergarment… Why wearing a garter under her armoured skirt I wonder? o.0) in which I can identify as the main reason for her popularity amongst Otaku community and collectors alike… :3

This Figma also comes with an extra hips grabber, allowing you to pose her without penetrating the peg into her hole (Am I saying this weidly? In an ecchi way? XD )…

To tell you the truth, I’m actually partial to pony-moe, heavily influenced by my R/L ponytail lover and pal Donny Choo (Not Danny Choo, and certainly not typo… X3), which is one of the reasons of my fascination over this princess… :P

Her exposed back also plays an important role at drawing my gaze upon her… ^^;

Comrade Ron, I know of your fascinations over Lily from before… XD

Eventho you’ve said you gave up on acquiring her, still here I present to you a gallery of juicy piccies of the Princess Knight to tempt you with… :P Bon Appétit! :3

The only problem I find on this Figma is the restrictive range of movements around the elbow and shoulder joints…

Another complain is the lack of normal, eyes-straight-ahead face piece, instead we get a look-at-left and a look-at-right-with-slightly-smaller-eyes-lookin’-annoyed faces…

BTW, Lily fits nicely into the coffin-I mean-Figma Transport as well… ^_^


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