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Clingy Foxy Apparel

After the discovery of this foxy apparel, I’ve been in dilemma for days at her acquisition.

Yet this foxy miko managed to melt down my will (As always), beckoning my crying wallet-kun to its limit. =w= 


Unfortunately due to EG-Tops policy on Amazon, they won’t ship outside Japan, forcing me to rely once again my trusted proxy service…

Which means an extra couple of thousand yen of further spending just to get her to my den. T^T


Fateful Foxy Apparel

I kinda failed as Tama-chan’s ご主人様 for not noticing this almost half a year ago… orz 

A T-Shirt released by EG-Tops as a limited merchandise to C84 Natsukomi as part of the Fate/Extra CCC series!

EGTOPS_ Fate_Extra_CCC_Full_Colour_T-Shirt_01

Unlike most of the so-called Full Graphic/Print T-Shirts similarly priced from other companies (Which features only a single side of fully printed T-Shirt), this release had both of its sides covered with the foxiness of a certain magical kitsune! w


Skirmish of an Extra Fate

T-minus two days left until the eventual release of one of the most anticipated Type-Moon’s PSP JRPG of all time, Fate/Extra CCC


Yet another aspect of the game itself has been revealed under the System page of the official site…


Costume Change of an Extra Fate

Just several days left until the eventual release of one of the most anticipated Type-Moon’s PSP JRPG of all time, Fate/Extra CCC


Another aspect of the game itself has been revealed under the Special page of the official site…

Various alternate costumes for your Servants! XDc


Lengthy Introduction to an Extra Fate

Famitsu, the resident Japanese gaming info site, has posted a rather detailed and lengthy introduction to the world of Fate/Extra CCC

Besides the already released product info, main and side charas as well as announcement of the animated OP for the game, this update brings us the much-needed info on the Sakura Dungeon! ^_~


Sisterly Love… Twin Peaks

A wise one once said: There are always a higher mountain behind the hills…


Central Characters Chart of an Extra Fate

Although its release has been delayed, the official site of Fate/Extra CCC has been updated, filled with information on the Player and his/her Servant candidates…

Even though silhouetted, one can recognise the shadows as Matou Sakura’s doppelgänger as well as Gilgamesh lurking by each sides of the main casts…


Lighting up the Darkness

Recently acquired a gadget to play with…

Proceeds to have fun in the darkness… ^o^


Bridal Fantasy of an Extra Fate

Famitsu once again has the 1st hand news on the upcoming Fate/Extra CCC, a retelling of the popular PSP JRPG Fate/Extra, slated to be released on Spring this year!

After moons of silence, we’ll finally get to see the coloured prototype of the much talked Saber Bride bundled with the limited Type-Moon Virgin White Box of the game itself!


Sisterly Love… Dovahkiin

Pack your bunnies away for in less than a day’s time, we’ll see the rise of the Dovahkiin~~!!!


Sisterly Love… メリクリ

After the disappointment of an unexpected gift from last Earth Cycle, how will Chibily fares this year? XDc


Sisterly Love… 円卓姫騎士隊

The onee-chan finally makes her triumphant return to her lovely imouto-tachi!


Calm before the stormy Holy Grail War

With imminent release of one of the most anticipated PSP Nasuverse Dungeon RPG of this time…

Aksys Games has finally projected launched their Reality Marble official website upon SE.RA.PH. net since yesternight!


Sisterly Love… Bully

After a long while, Drossel Ojou is back for more mischiefs!



Still getting warmer, Volks unleashed a third impact upon the InnovaDDo population, lookin’ determined to bring down the protective Absolute Territory Field!

Crumbling inside the said field is a lone Tama-chan, still withstanding the Unlimited Poison Works alongside Goshujin-sama… ≧w≦



More poison injections in the form of gorgeous piccies from the ebil organisation known as Volks!

Tama-chan ish sad as Tama-chan requires more Vespene Gas… >,<


Sisterly Love… Dream of Doll

Tama-chan reacts to the news of them wonderful Dollfie Dream Saber Twins, now available for pre-order on Volks Website!


Sisterly Love… じッ~~~~

What a wonderful week full of wonderful news of various Type-Moon Fate Multiverse projects!


Extra Screenies x Comicalisation of Fate

Aksys Games last announced their resolution to release a North America English localisation of the fan fave dungeon JRPG Fate/Extra during Anime eXpo 2011, but has yet to properly decide the actual release date itself…

However, they did released several in-game screenshots of the product, suggesting that the localisation is close to completion…


Sisterly Love… レディ・ゴー!

Debut of a new logo for Sisterly Love 4koma series, and of course another randomness of a figure life! XDc


A Foxy Temptation!

Animangazines, books, artbooks… I don’t usually gotta collect ‘em all tho due to the killer shipping fees… ^^;

However, Tamamo‘s been tempting me to get these particular Fate/Extra themed books so much that I nearly click on the “Cart Out” button almost immediately when I browsed on them at Amazon Japan! ^^;


Sisterly Love… To Aru Mikoto no Servant



Fate/Nen Plus

By now you should have know that I’m quite obsessed with a certain foxy miko, so it’s no surprise that I’m rori-ing in joy when I heard of news of this chibi fluffy incarnation of a kitsune! XDc

Gift, a close associate of Good Smile Company, will release Saber Extra and Caster Extra (Both hailed from the PSP game Fate/Extra) under the brand name Nendoroid Plus Nuigurumi series!


Fateful Revelation

True to their word, Cospa went ahead and produced the T-Shirts as requested by me (that or they have already been planning to do so in the first place… ^^;)! ^_^

Unveiled just today, Cospa version will feature Caster, Rin and Saber from the recently released PSP game Fate Extra…


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