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It’s that time of the year again, the magical period when innocent and pure children awaits their promised presents from the man in red.

Altho the actual day itself falls on the day after tomorrow, it is the Eve (which is… today!) that everyone’s excited about with feast-ful gatherings, family reunions, lovers intimacy and such… XDc

A small fact: today is also unofficially known as KFC Day to the Japanese as a majority of them will opt to Zerg-rush their nearby outlets for bucketful of finger lickin’ fried chickens (Turkeys are too expensive to afford there, same situation where I live… ^_~).


Lighting up the Darkness

Recently acquired a gadget to play with…

Proceeds to have fun in the darkness… ^o^



Some time during the initiation of the year of the Dovahkiin, I’ve placed an order for a custom print of a dakimakura cover thanks to the recommendation of a fellow InnovaDDo

Fast forward to early this week, the package finally reached my doorstep, much to the delight (Or not…) of Chibi-chan… =ω=



Thanks to Goshujin-sama’s comradeship with a certain Aus Trooper, a prized present from the land of the Rising Sun was safely delivered to our home… ^0^

Albeit with a slight problem… D:



Tama-chan has lost Tama-chan’s hat! D:

Have you seen Tama-chan’s hat (Anywhere)? >w<


Days of the Dog

The holy Trinity of Moe Futon welcomes a new recruit to their fluffy ranks…

In the form of a certain huggable Inu hime~!


勇者 • ミーツ • お姫様

Hailed from the recent pseudo-warfare anime Dog Days (Of which many complained of being lack of substance, but then again everyone’s a critique… ^_~), the main couple of the series, Cinque Izumi and Millhiore Firianno Biscotti, will see themselves being made into the wonderfully chibi x kawaii nuigurumi by Gift! :Dc

Not to mention both of them being magnificently hug-able too! XDc



「Tadaima~!」 I stepped into my den after a hard day’s work, preparing myself to enter ofuro…

「Tama-chan! I’ll be rori-ing into the shower now, care to join me?」 I don’t see her anywhere. 「Tama-chan?」

Oh there you are!



Invasion confirm… The MISAKA Sisters have launched a full-scale assault on the peaceful OtaCoolTure no Saka!

Excessive moe overdose assured! XDc


えーと、貴方が私のご主人様…… でいいんですよね?

Shattering the very fabric of imagination and reality, a certain foxy miko have finally graced my den from her realm of 0’s and 1’s!

It–it’s… Caster Extra from the PSP RPG Fate/Extra!!! X3c


A Gift from an Angel

Tachibana Kanade, the kuudere seitokaichou of the popular tears-inducing after world academy anime Angel Beats! finds herself plushified! XDc

Gift has turned her into a Nuigurumi! XDc Since she wasn’t categorised under Gift’s Nendoroid Plushie, she would probably just your standard non-inner-framed cuddly bed companion…


ウルフ • ミーツ • クーロン

A newcomer has joined the Fellowship of the Futon! =3c

Her name is… MISAKA aka Misaka Imouto!


Kiss-A Meido

Comrade Master Chief gix85 staged an invasion upon my island, revealing his intention of descending upon a rumoured certain café/restaurant/bistro that has their servants dressed in frilly, short meido fuku…

Ufufu, I too accompanied him on his conquest, alongside moe military otaku comrade Evangelim… ^_~ I first met both of them during a certain cosplay competition held over an Earth cycle ago…


The Third Coming of Cha–I mean–Soniko

The fourth moon of current Earth cycle is a really kame-slow period for Osaka, all thanks to the decision to activate the Noble Phantasm called Unlimited Installment Works several moons ago… orz

Yeah, the lack of figures and PlaMo makes me a dull otaku, reeling in despair… ^^;


Fate/Nen Plus

By now you should have know that I’m quite obsessed with a certain foxy miko, so it’s no surprise that I’m rori-ing in joy when I heard of news of this chibi fluffy incarnation of a kitsune! XDc

Gift, a close associate of Good Smile Company, will release Saber Extra and Caster Extra (Both hailed from the PSP game Fate/Extra) under the brand name Nendoroid Plus Nuigurumi series!


Sisterly Love… B’day

Happy birthday… to me! ^^;


お風呂~ お風呂~

It’s DAT day of the month again! Time to refresh my bedtime companies with cunnilinguscleaning! >o<

Horo daki have served me well this past month, so she earned herself the very reward she deserve… A berry naisu dip at the (In-house LOL!) local bath house! XDc

The triple makura that makes up the daki’s body… XDc So fluffy! :3c

The Tentacles Strike Back!

Lookie what do we have here? XDc

From Mikatan‘s, bigger and much more fluffy, the creepykawaii crawlers are back for more moe terrorism!

The Tako 3-Shimai now gets a nuigurumi treatment by the plushie expert Gift! >o<


After weeks of staying flat as a hanging tapestry, Horo daki finally got herself a fully stuffed body… XDc

Got myself a couple of alternatives from a sale at my local mall since I could not acquire an adequate third party daki body from anywhere else on my island… Getting an official daki body will cost me a lot of yen due to its size… >,<

These normal sized pillows dimensioned at 48cm x 73 cm, of which a couple of it will probably fit into the Horo daki, which is 50cm x 160cm… Furthermore, each of them only priced at RM10 (Roughly 275 yen), significantly cheaper than the real deal! 0_0

Whistling Around the World…

Guess what fell into the greasy paws of Horo plushie? XDc

Arrived at my den last nite, the danbooru that’s supposed to take two weeks or more to reach me (Since I used SAL instead of my usual EMS choice…) got to me in just 11 days!!!

It appears it managed to evade from the capture by my island’s notorious Custom Terrorists… XDc

Horo Daki toujou!!! ^o^

True to a fellow Horo lover’s words, the Daki is carefully packed not to reveal its NSFW side, which contributes to her evasion from the Custom Terrorists… ^^;

Spreading Horo across my bed, Horo Plushie looks on…

The other (Dere) side of the lovely Horo, totally NSFW… XD

Had her made into a tapestry for now due to the lack of an actual daki body… ^^;

Plans to get a couple of cheaper pillows for customisation as an alternative…

This impulse acquisition left my wallet a burning ash… Especially with my Ranka Obitsu daughter coming over in this end of  month… >,<

皆! 抱きしめて!

Dakimakura (I seems to have always misspelled it as Daimakura… ^^; Well, it’s true it is big!)… Large size huggable pillow blessed with the personal imprint of anime charas, has been the dream of every otaku around the world… I’ve always wanted to get one but the extreme  price tag and lack of my fave charas have always made me to put the thought on hold… But it no longer matters today… 0_0  

After consultations and advises from comrades on Twitter, I’ve finally caved in and impulsively bought myself a dakimakura for myself… ^^;

Oh, if you cannot read what I wrote on the title of this post, it’s “Minna! Daki shimete!”, a quote by Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier before she sang “Seikan Hikou” to subdue the rebel Zentradi…

Horo is my third most fave chara after Lacus and Ranka, so it’s no surprise that I’ve chosen her to be my first bed companion… ^^; 


Images courtesy of Hobby Search, the online store which I ordered Horo’s Dakimakura… She’s available just starting today and already selling fast!


Random FigNendo Diary

Another entry to the FigNendo diary, mostly involving a dolphin or two… ^^;

Miko Otome~! <3

No Santa dress this time around… 0:


Dolphin rider!

Dolphin sashimi, Saber portion… :3c

Come to momma! 0_0

Churuya-san takes up dolphin taming as part time job when not drooling over Sumochi…

The aftermath of FigNendo shooting everytime… ^^;


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