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Day 24th of the 12th Moon, otherwise known as the KFC Day Christmas Eve, is a sacred night for them love birds and families.

And of course rori and shota anticipating gifts from the ho-ho-ho-old fat man in red :3c


Celebrating Tama-chan’s 3rd X’mas, Tama-chan will of course dedicated Tama-chan’s self towards the happiness of ご主人様.



In a few more days, I’ll catch a flight down south for the annual pilgrimage.

Tama_chan_ Modern_Spring_Outfit_01

Of course Tama-chan will accompany me in my trip, she’ll bring along her new outfit just in time for the event too.


Misadventure of a Phantastic Chogokin

Perhaps one of the worst delivery delay ever happened to me, my long streak of Otaku Jinx never fail to disappoint me with its frequent appearance ever since many Moons ago… D:

Originally suppose to arrive safely onto my eager hands more than two Moon ago, the forwarding company messed up my package with another of its customer’s, causing a mixed up of delivery: instead of my Chogokin RAcaseal Black ver., I got something else altogether instead!


A brief count on the incident: Pre-ordered some time before AFA12 last Earth cycle at Tamashii Web Store, it doesn’t occur to me that Bandai Premium might refuse my credit card (which it did, as the site doesn’t accept non-Japanese issued CCs) when it was ready to ship!

Panicked and the only alternate paying method being Cash-on-Delivery and Combini (Outta question), I had to search for a deputy/proxy service other than my usual Tenso that offers to pay in my stead using COD, that’s when I found Japan to Door. Never really tried their service before (Eventho I have an account there since forever), I’ve decided to try it out since I’m outta options (And kinda recommended by Danny-san back in 2009 too).

This is when the nightmare started.



It’s that day of the year again~!

Happy Moe Day!!! ^o^


The Star of a Phantastic Chogokin

Perhaps my longest backlog yet… ^^;

Actually acquired this beauty from Moons ago and went ahead to snap some piccies the immediate weekend, but laziness and various other external issues prevented my commitment to prepare a review post or sort for this lovely action figure… orz

Released back in just sometime after AFAMY12, Chogokin RAcaseal is one of the better rendition of a chara within the Phantasy Star Online series in figure form… Especially one with good articulations and all!

There are several plamo released before her but them quality aren’t as detailed as this one! :3c Besides, as a plamo you’re required to do the finishing touches and painting yourself…


Puella Magi Aqua Tama-chan

Released in limited quantities during the Home Town Dolls Party Sendai (And After Event) last moon, I’ve eyed with my keen eagle sight upon the Magical Aqua Dress set, immediately registered my entry to the Volks’ notorious lottery system that will allow me to purchase the selected item if I win.

Unfortunately, due to my usual Otaku Jinx active skill, I’ve lost my bid, putting me in the chasm of zetsubou… D:


Doll Meet @ Coob Coffee Club

It’s been a while since Tama-chan accompanies Goshujin-sama to an outing ever since our trip to AFAMY12 a couple of months ago…

To Tama-chan’s surprise, Goshujin-sama actually brought Tama-chan to a meeting or sort of several other local InnovaDDo, allowing Tama-chan to get acquainted with Tama-chan’s brethren… ^~^



Tama-chan hasn’t been quite active these past few Moons, due to certain upgrades she’s been slowly getting part-by-part… :3c

Had her undergone a retinal surgery just a few days ago, Tama-chan received an eyeful of boost in her visual department..^_~



It has dawned to me that I’ve neglected the poor kitsune musume for many moons now… 0:

Good thing my laziness failed its die roll, allowing me to have another wonderful yet exhausting morning hours well spent with my Tama-chan…^_~


Double Strike!

Available for PO starting today are a couple of lovely Figmas from very different backgrounds…

Now I’m having a slight dilemma deciding whether to obtain them both or just either one of them… D:



Tama-chan has lost Tama-chan’s hat! D:

Have you seen Tama-chan’s hat (Anywhere)? >w<



Another whole evening dedicated to Tama-chan! :3c

The passing Saturday, Goshujin-sama once again set up a temporary photoshooting studio upon our comfy moe futon, and proceed to ask Tama-chan for a barrage of poses and flashes in Tama-chan’s new apparel, arrived just a week before… >w<



It’s been a while since Tama-chan’s last gravure session… ^_~

Luckily, Goshujin-sama finally took the opportunity to dedicate utmost attention towards Tama-chan the whole yesternoon… 0w0


Days of the Dog

The holy Trinity of Moe Futon welcomes a new recruit to their fluffy ranks…

In the form of a certain huggable Inu hime~!



To be held on the 24th day and 25th day of this Moon, Volks will release a series of September New Outfit Collection during the Tenshi no Sumika Event.

These lovely dresses will be on sale at all Volks showrooms across Japan, Tenshi no Sumika, Tenshi no Sato, Tenshi no Koromo, as well as available to web order directly on Volks site


La Kimono dans un mignon Nendo

Coming from the Land of the Rising Sun directly to your cosy residence…

…this little rori will surely take your breath away with her charming smile! ^~^


勇者 • ミーツ • お姫様

Hailed from the recent pseudo-warfare anime Dog Days (Of which many complained of being lack of substance, but then again everyone’s a critique… ^_~), the main couple of the series, Cinque Izumi and Millhiore Firianno Biscotti, will see themselves being made into the wonderfully chibi x kawaii nuigurumi by Gift! :Dc

Not to mention both of them being magnificently hug-able too! XDc


The Third Coming of Cha–I mean–Soniko

The fourth moon of current Earth cycle is a really kame-slow period for Osaka, all thanks to the decision to activate the Noble Phantasm called Unlimited Installment Works several moons ago… orz

Yeah, the lack of figures and PlaMo makes me a dull otaku, reeling in despair… ^^;


Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted…

April 1st, is the birthday of Kinomoto Sakura and Syaoran Li; April 1st, it’s kanji is the surname of Watanuki Kimihiro;

April 1st, the date we all love to hate, as we’re constantly duped, pranked, mami’d, cheated, mindfcuk’d and so on by mischievous friends and loved ones… ^^;

Not even half of the day, many familiar sites I visited have already had their own celebration of this Baka no Hi in the Month of 4! XDc



Happy Moe Day!!! ^o^

For the uninitiated, the kanji 萌 is consists of 4 character components that when you read it in the traditional sequence (Up, Down, Right, Left…) you’ll get 十月十日 which essentially means 10th of October!

Incidentally, Moe Day this year is 10.10.10, the triple ten! So you can say today’s the Binary Code Day too as the world of digits is made from 1s and 0s! >o<

I’ll be spending my Moe Day lazing around hunting zombies or anime marathons… ^^; May you have an enjoyable day full of Moe Moe Kyun~! ^w^

On side notes: Finally got my package of Figma Aya and Nenpuchi Bakemonogatari #3! Sweet! Also procured a 3rd party battery pack for my Chibi Lacus in preparation for next month’s AFAX! ^_~ Furthermore, got myself a printed transparent sticker full of anime charas from classics until the latest and stuck it on the display glass of my cabinet! >o<

マスター! 一生付いていきますー!

WARNING! WARNING!! WARNING!!! The following entry contains major spoilers from the game Fate Extra, a dungeon-crawling-Persona-3-esque JRPG for Sony’s PSP mobile console system…

Anyways, I’ve played the game sparingly ever since I got it a couple of moons ago, little by little I progresses thru the storyline as I spent about an hour daily during working lunch time to level up my chara… XDc


You start off controlling a random male student, and you’re given a 4-day time limit to discover what’s wrong with his school by interacting with various familiar and new charas from the Fate universe. Keep in mind this is a parallel world with no relation whatsoever with those from the original Fate/Stay Night… You’ll get to see some comedic moment of Taiga, your home room teacher, right from the start… XDc


An Extra Serving of Fate

Arrived at my semi-permanent base of operations earlier this week, the much anticipated PSP game is now within my grasp! It’s been almost 9 months since I POed the box, it was supposed to be released in March but for some reason the developers postponed it in order to perfect the product.

At least the final outcome is more than satisfying as more freebies are included with the package, eventho my priority is the included Figma… ^^;

Fate Extra Type-Moon Box package contains the limited edition of the Fate Extra game box itself along with an extra in the form of Fact/the Fact.

The main box itself holds many, many goodies inside! ^_^



PINK!!!!! Of course! XDc Finally a decent action figure of Katsura Hinagiku of Hayate no Gotoku! fame. ^_^

It seems my prayers have been answered, as the Nendoroid Hinagiku, a coloured prototype revealed during Summer WonFes just last week, finally upped for PO just today!

It seems the Nendo version of the ever Tsundere Seitokaichou Hina-chan will sport a semi movable elbow for her arms! 0_0

Lookin’ berry lovely with her normal face plate… <3

It seems she comes with only a few accessories… Here we see a couple of wooden swords – Masamune and Kendo training stick…

Pointy finger is pointy… XDc

She also got her tsun tsun face plate + nekomimi x shippo!!! wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3 <3 <3 <3

Looks like her tail will be able to support her body… She also comes with a new type of stand it seems…

She’ll be retailed for 3,619 yen and will be available in November…

Sisterly Love… Eighteen

Olympian Fey-chan (Olympus FE230) lived a full life offering her service to the Den, and she did so with utmost dedication and responsibility…  Now she finally earned her rest, stepping aside to allow the newer generation Chibi Lacus-chan to succeed her…

Otsukaresama Fey-chan~!


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