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A random post while preparing myself for the upcoming Comic Fiesta 2013 this weekend, which is just T-minus 5 days left! w

Anyway, if you’ve followed the Bakemonogatari Second Season since last season, you’ll know about the bubbly middle-schooler being Shaft’d into a pale, radiant goddess/deity.

The recent arc from Koimonogatari even fully moe-fied her appearance with a dash of “Nadeko dayo~”! XDc  

 photo Nadekodayo_Koimonogatari.gif

Why the mention of Sengoku Nadeko you ask?

Well, ever since she’d become Nadeko Snake-sama, I’ve silently cried out for a Nendo and/or Figma version of her. Unfortunately GSC have yet to hint, let alone announce the possibility of her figure creation. :/


Sisterly Love… ブラック☆ロック妄想

Kuro-chan finally finds the time to watch several episodes of the TV Animation she appeared on, now on air in Japan weekly…


Sisterly Love… 恋の日

Singles Awareness Day St. Valentine’s Day ForeverArone Day ish here again!


Prototyping Thy Fate

Announced just yesterday, the 3rd season of comedic parody Carnival Phantasm will include a 12-minute animated short of an OVA…

…of the original draft of Fate/Stay Night!


Marble Phantasm!

Well, that didn’t take too long… ^^;

As of yesternite, Figma Blog updated thair page with more piccies of the raburi Figma Phantas-Moon and as always judging from the trend set from past years, she’ll be available for PO starting the next day, which is today! :3c


Sisterly Love… 円卓姫騎士隊

The onee-chan finally makes her triumphant return to her lovely imouto-tachi!


Phantastic Moon Carnival

Revealed within the latest Type-Moon Ace animangazine alongside Figma Saber Zero, is none other than the Figma of pure white Mahou Shoujo (!?) Phantas-Moon!

Phantas-Moon is a magical girl parody of Arcueid Brunestud of Tsukihime infame, and have since appeared on various Type-Moon games (Fate: Tiger Colosseum Upper) and manga titles…


Sisterly Love… ロリポップ

Based upon a true story during my visit to AFA11… XDc


Sisterly Love… じッ~~~~

What a wonderful week full of wonderful news of various Type-Moon Fate Multiverse projects!


Sisterly Love… レディ・ゴー!

Debut of a new logo for Sisterly Love 4koma series, and of course another randomness of a figure life! XDc


Sisterly Love… 初デビュー

I’ve recently been recruited into a rather large gathering of comrades as their resident 4koma Jester for the mon0r court, juggling figure randomness for the amusement of the masses…^^;

So for my 1st début work I present to you (And them x their readers… XDc)—


Miku-tan no Omocha!

Over these past few moons, many arrivals from separate sauce have finally reached my den… =3c

Nope, Miku-tan… They’re not yours… ^^;


Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted…

April 1st, is the birthday of Kinomoto Sakura and Syaoran Li; April 1st, it’s kanji is the surname of Watanuki Kimihiro;

April 1st, the date we all love to hate, as we’re constantly duped, pranked, mami’d, cheated, mindfcuk’d and so on by mischievous friends and loved ones… ^^;

Not even half of the day, many familiar sites I visited have already had their own celebration of this Baka no Hi in the Month of 4! XDc



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