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Extra Merchandise of Another Fate

After a full Moon since the release of Fate/Extra CCC, I’ve finally completed and obtained Tama-chan’s Servant Ending! www


While preparing to start the game anew with New Game + using another Servant (I’ve decided on Aka Saber! www), I’ve unwittingly knowingly scoured the vast space known as the internet and found several related merchandise now in pre-order stage.


Timid School Nurse of an Extra Fate

Another update of the upcoming PSP game Fate/Extra CCC


Surviving words exchange with the King of Heroes aside, looks like the timid school nurse finally had a chance to shine after all!


Virgin Preview of an Extra Fate

Another week, another update of the upcoming PSP game Fate/Extra CCC

The time has come to reveal the contents and the likes of them Virgin White Box, the limited package of the game via a video preview!


Sakuraception of an Extra Fate

Following the weekly update of the upcoming PSP game Fate/Extra CCC, another known character in the game gets her own PV…

The spotlight’s on the likes of a rori Sakura lookalike, with a mature onee-chan voice this time around! 0_0;;;


Passion of an Extra Fate

Yet another new PV has been released for the upcoming PSP game Fate/Extra CCC… 

This time it’s that megappai with a rori voice Sakura lookalike’s turn! 0_0


Yandere Kouhai of an Extra Fate

Not to be outdone by the likes of a NEET’s Servant, the side heroine determined to retake her spot as the game’s main…

BB, the mysterious Sakura-look-alike, now has her own Chara PV too… ^o^


Sakura Sisters of an Extra Fate

Updates continue to pour in on the official site of Fate/Extra CCC

This time the spotlights on them mysterious Sakura lookalikes, the megappai Passionlip and the rori Meltlilis… ^_~


Dojikko Hikikomori of an Extra Fate

Barely some time passed since the last character update on the official site of Fate/Extra CCC, yet another one was added to the list! 0_0

Revealed within the lengthy information leak by Famitsu just yesternite, BB aka Dark Sakura is now amongst the character pages on the main site…

It is so clear that the remaining two silhouettes will be the other two (Megappai x Pettanko) Sakura clones… :3c


Lengthy Introduction to an Extra Fate

Famitsu, the resident Japanese gaming info site, has posted a rather detailed and lengthy introduction to the world of Fate/Extra CCC

Besides the already released product info, main and side charas as well as announcement of the animated OP for the game, this update brings us the much-needed info on the Sakura Dungeon! ^_~


Central Characters Chart of an Extra Fate

Although its release has been delayed, the official site of Fate/Extra CCC has been updated, filled with information on the Player and his/her Servant candidates…

Even though silhouetted, one can recognise the shadows as Matou Sakura’s doppelgänger as well as Gilgamesh lurking by each sides of the main casts…


Alternate Serving of an Extra Fate

Announced several moons back, the ever popular PSP JRPG Fate/Extra will see an alternate retelling of its electronic Holy Grail War by next year…

Revealed at Famitsu earlier today, Fate/Extra CCC will see various familiar faces with new looks!

Set within the same world (but of a different parallel timeline) of the earlier Fate/Extra, an error has caused a change to the SE.RA.PH. world of Moon Cell… The new story will see the player, again choosing over Saber, Archer or Caster as their Servant in order to interact with other denizens of this new, darker world like Sakuraider and an unknown devilish lookin’ Servant…

It seems you’ll be able to import your Save Data from Fate/Extra and use it in this new game too! :3c Tama-chan wonders what perks will Goshujin-sama earn when importing Tama-chan’s personal data into CCC… >w<


Fateful Bridal Saber

Pre-order for Fate/Extra CCC is upped, just as the news comes out a couple of nights ago! :0

Retailed at 9,980 yen, the next installment of Fate/Extra dungeon-ing JRPG will descent to you on Spring next Earth cycle!


2nd Serving of an Extra Fate

Thanks to the machination of comrade saiseki-chan (Gender: Hideyoshi), I was able to gaze upon a rather exciting news feed earlier today…

Looks like we’ll yet to get another Nasuverse RPG in the form of the Fate universe! :Dc



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