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Mini Fiesta of Comical Proportion

Once again, Comic Fiesta will have a smaller event in the form of Comic Fiesta Mini on my island. Unlike last year’s though, CFMini will be held in Penang Times Square which is just a few blocks away from my den!

Unlike last time, there will be an admission charge of RM 10 per day for entrance, which I think is fair since we have quite a number of guest cosplayers this time around. Ticketing and further info are available here.


CFMini will begin on the 27th and ends on the 28th of September, of which I’ve fine-tuned my schedule in order to attend both days in full.


Tease of a Mini Fiesta

“It’s… it’s not like I want to bring awesome ACG goodness to Penang!” – Mi, CF Mini mascot & tsundere extraordinaire.


Comic Fiesta is one of the largest anime convention in my country, and has run for about a decade now, of which I’ve managed to not attend any of them before… ^^;

Nevertheless I am preparing to attend one end of this year, after AFA of course. :3c


Mirai of the Future

Who is Suenaga Mirai? She is the kanban musume of Danny Choo-san and Culture:Japan, and soon to have her very own anime production titled Mirai Millennium.

She rose to such fame and popularity in these past years that she’d made many cameo appearances in various anime series and games. :3c

A Figma version of her was made some time ago, and now finally a cutesy rendition of herself in Nendo form… ^_~


Double Strike!

Available for PO starting today are a couple of lovely Figmas from very different backgrounds…

Now I’m having a slight dilemma deciding whether to obtain them both or just either one of them… D:


A Bright Future!

Looks like the Figma of ninja Danny‘s buroggu mascot, Suenaga Mirai, will be available for preorder starting this 7th of December… :D



And “In the Name of Mascot” ended with the coming of the 6th moon of the earth cycle… It’s time to reveal the winner of the contest! XDc

Not quite exciting I’m afraid, as only one entry has been submitted… Where are all the challengers? ^^;  Anyways, the prize defaults to comrade Kriegmark2 then! おめでとうございますわ!  

As comrade Kriegmark2 opted for Paypal as his reward, a total of USD $20 will be forwarded to his account… ^_^ Please contact me via neoprolacus[at]gmail[dot]com with your Paypal account, as well as attaching the artworks as described in the rules of the contest… Please also mention the name/nickname you want to be credited with as I’ll be using the artworks on The Republic of Neo Pro Lacus… ^_~

Oh… the mascot needs a name… ^^; After much thought, I personally love her name to be associated with Sakura (Cherry Blossom), the Moon and Music (As her initial concept is to be a Vocaloid…)… Thus… Jajajan~! 桜歌美月! 

Pronounced as Ouka Mizuki, her name is also a play of words… 桜歌美 sounds like 狼(おおかみ, Ookami), another of my fascination ever since the age of Horo… XDc



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