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After a couple of delays, her fluffiness in 1/6 scale have finally reached my hands! ^o^

To the uninitiated, the lovely kemonomimi of Fate/Extra is a collaboration between Hobby Japan and Azone International, mould in 1/6 Pure Neemo action doll form!

To avoid confusion to the gigantic Tama-chan, from now on I shall dub this Caster aka Tamamo no Mae, Kotama-chan! XDc



Bad news doesn’t seem to give up its chase, I blame my special Otaku Jinx “perk”.

Tama-chan is beyond not happy to learn of the latest news of her chibi imouto… D:



Yesternight, I’ve received a rather shocking news in the form of a single e-mail…

Tama-chan is not too happy to learn that her new imouto will be late… D:


Extra Teasing of a Pure Foxy

Just a friendly reminder to would-be kitsune hunters out there…

The PO for Fate/Extra‘s beloved 1/6 Pure Neemo Caster will end in 10th of May, kon kon!

Note: the transparent kimono she wear above is of a separate product by Azone…



Azone International finally released an official poster of Fate/Extra‘s lovely kemonomimi in 1/6 Pure Neemo action doll form!

Secure your foxy now before it’s too late, kon kon!


Extra Summoning of a Pure Foxy

An Earth Cycle and a half later after the summoning of Fate/Extra, eager fans of the lovely kemonomimi will finally have a chance to summon her in the form of an Azone 1/6 action doll! ^w^

Many thanks to a couple of comrades who gave Goshujin-sama a heads-up on the news itself…



The most wallet-draining figure in my arsenal has finally arrived to me earlier this week! ^_^

PO placed with Tokyo Hunter (Incidentally a fellow countryman… :Dc) since the 1st moon of the Earth cycle, this Limited Action Figure Collection (LAFC) Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier) Stage Dress Version was a joint collaboration between Hobby Japan and Megahouse (Meaning you can only PO her thru the Japanese magazine AND only in Japan) and was slated to be release in end of June but was postponed to a month later… ^^;

Thanks to the effort and willingness of Joseph aka Tokyo Hunter to follow my request, Ranka-chan was spared the harsh handling by the Postal Dudes on my island, for they are known to trash and mistreat all my previous daughters (Hold-ups and kidnappings… DX)… 0_0


Anyways, it’s time to bestow my newest daughter with my magic touch… XDc



For some reason all of my acquisitions from different places arrived all at the same time this month… ^^; Another two danbooru reached my haven and I was notified of their arrival by the Postal Dude in the midst of my job a couple of nites ago… 0_0

I rarely buy anime x hobby magazines at all (Due to their above average pricing when compare to local magazine which may costs only RM10+, roughly USD 3… ^^;), but this month’s issues have a few extras that I simply cannot ignore… ^_^ To be specific, I got these two magazines from Hobby Search, of which I haven’t visit for some time now due to my constant patronage to Amiami due to their lovely discounts… ^^;



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