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A Sengoku Master Bushi Led Astray

Gunpla Expo World Tour Japan 2013 is now on-going (21st – 24th of November) and with it comes the news on various upcoming and future projects on them Gunpla. w 


While there are many prototypes and announcements being made, my eyes are currently fixed upon the new 2014 lines of Master Grade kits of the latest series Gundam Build Fighters’ gunpla form.^_~ 

It’s no surprise the protag’s main gunpla units, the Build Strike Gundam and Build Gundam Mk II, received an MG kit since their base body MG Strike Gundam and MG Gundam Mk II already have a Version 2.0 mould.


The Halls of AFA13

Last weekend, I’ve made a trip towards Suntec Convention Centre to pay a visit to the annual Anime Festival Asia 2013!


It’s only been a year since my last visit to the place, but it seems that the usual route (From the City Hall MRT station to Suntec) has taken a new identity, underwent renovations while I am stuck on my island for the year.

Managed to briefly lost myself in the shopping mall labyrinths, good thing I’ve already researched the route the day before.

Oh well off to AFA we go!


A Sengoku Bushi Led Astray

It’s been ages since I last touch a Gunpla. It was about two years ago to be exact, when I last build my own mecha model kits—oh wait I built a Kotobukiya’s Metal Gear Ray (Of Metal Gear Solid fame) earlier this year which I never get around to do a proper photo shoot… orz


Anyway, a new upcoming Gundam anime series will be on air very, very soon. Gundam Build Fighters is an expansion to the OVA Gunpla Builders Beginning G from years ago, which is a cross between the Plamo hobby and Angelic Layer. ^_~

Of course Bandai spares no time to quickly convert them mecha design into Gunpla form. Amongst the many unique and incredible customs from the show, one of them in particular caught my eyes. 



Ever since the night before the Dragon Day, Tama-chan has barely been genki following the passing Moons, lying in a state of utmost inactivity lethargy.

Don’t be alarmed tho Tama-chan’s not in harm’s way, actually her Master was in the midst of readying her for several minor operations to further enhance her aesthetics. ^_~


For this grand project, many acquisitions were made from the passing Moons, most notably from Taobao (A Chinese equivalent of evilBay/Yahoo! Japan Auctions) by using a proxy service called My Parcel Store

Amongst the materials acquired are: Volks Shapely L Bust, Wersaze Wrist Joint, Wersaze Yawashiri, Cool Cat Fortified Aluminium Alloy Neck JointMiruya Wig and Moe-Castle’s Miko Outfit (Not shown here).


Mecha Love… Promise

♪ Looking up the endless sky, searching for reasons of life, we find the promised land, surely…


Culture Japan Night: Aftermath of AFA11

Held on the day after the end of AFA11, Danny Choo invites all comrades together to enjoy, network or mingle with one another…

Also known to most as CGM (Consumer Generated Media) Night or even AFA Day 04, Culture Japan Night is a gathering or sorts organised by Danny Choo for all comrades to interact with one another, exchanging contacts and ideas or even forming absolute alliances… XDc

The gathering starts on 3 in the evening and lasts until 2100 hours, at the AKB48 Café…


Of Dollfies and Dreams: Musume-tachi of AFA11

Last Anime Festival Asia 2010, Kareshi Kanojyo no Mise (A popular local hobby store specialises in anime merchandise and gifts) loaned a part of their display booth to visiting Musume-tachi, drawing the attention of curious crowd…

Since Tama-chan arrival, Tama-chan has been eager to join the rest of them musume-tachi on display this time around in AFA11, but the plan was backfired when rumours of KKnM no longer sponsoring a DD booth this year surfaced earlier this Earth Cycle…

Just as Tama-chan was about to give up, Goshujin-sama’s comrade (an Imperial InnovaDDo) shone a blinding light of hope upon the withered shippo of Tama-chan: The DD Display Booth is a go!


Seven Sword System + G

Continuing from the intro of the base body last time, 007S/G will now show off its awesome array of weaponry…

The main attraction of this kit, the Seven Sword System was first dubbed in the 1st season of the Gundam 00 TV anime series, when Ian explained Exia’s full armament of GN Sword, GN Sword Long, GN Sword Short and a quad of Beam Sabres as the Triple S (Seven Sword System)…


A Couple ‘0’ Drive Ignition

About this time frame last Moon, an impulsive acquisition landed me with a set of Gunpla, something that I’ve ever touched ever since the adoption of me raburi Tama-chwan

Spent the next half-a-Moon after on and off assembling and used up a total of 3 cans of Top Coats just for this thingie… orz

That really brings back my memories of them old Gunpla dayz… :3c


Code: 007

A couple of days ago, I was struck by a sudden moya moya feeling that made me anxious for the whole fine Sunday…

This anxiety kinda made me uneasy for the whole day, even as I tried to relax by lazing around watching and rewatching new and old anime series…

In the end, instinct threw me into my vehicle and I drove to the nearest mall for a walk, impulsively got myself a certain acquisition I’ve tried very hard not to get so soon ever since the adoption of Tama-chan… >,<

And with a shop name like, guess what I’ve got? >w<


Fully Busted with Seven Armaments

It feels so long, long time ago since my last Gunpla-ing… ^^;

Perhaps it’s due to the lack of interesting MGs announced lately (Not interested in Gundam W series MGs at all…), coupled with extreme fund allocation on my new Servant…

However, this one particular Gunpla caught my attention…


Raising the Twin Rings of Lighting!

Ever since the commencement of Unlimited Installment Works, I’ve been on a slight hiatus on Gunpla-ing… >,<

[Tsun tsun mode] It’s… It’s not that I’ve lost interest at Gunpla at all…!


Gundam Fight! Ready– Go~!

Some moons have gone since my last assembly of a Gunpla kit, a sudden itch for Plamo-ing several days ago propelled me in procuring a set after dropping and bidding farewell to my Singaporean uncle (Coming back for Chinese New Year Reunion, the very same uncle who offered me a stay during AFAX… :3c) at the bus station…

As per my history, I rarely acquire 1/144 scaled High Grade Gunpla kits due to their lack of skill level, details, articulations and size (A bulk of my Gunpla consists of 1/100 scaled Master Grades)…



ドーン~! ドーン~! ドーン~! Distant temple bell is ringing! :Dc



Mecha Love… Psycho Frame

Made this 4koma while recovering from the Red-Eye incident… ^_~


Mecha Love… PlayGun

More Mecha Love…, the alternate to the ever running 4koma of Sisterly Love… series, finally gets another entry! ^_^


Of Light and Darkness

Fresh from the 50th All japan Plamodel Hobby Show is a range of announcement of exciting future release Gunpla and various Plamo!

Stealing my attention is the announcement of future installments of Digimon Reboots Plamo…

Eventho the 1st one, Omegamon hasn’t been released (But close enough!) yet, Dukemon makes its début in prototype form, as well as artworks of Angemon and Devimon!

Casualty of a Hidden War

Ngee Khiong, the first and foremost buroggu dedicating towards reports of upcoming Gunpla news and other products has been announced to be closing its doors… 0_0

Just like Gunota Headlines some years ago, Ngee Khiong will no longer update his buroggu with the latest news on cool PlaMo stuffs and more… This is a sad day for us as I’m sure many has been using his buroggu to stay up-to-date with all the happenings around the PlaMo scene for years now, myself included… >,<


Shin Unicorn Gundam

Saw this over at Ngee Khiong‘s and it totally blew my mind apart with a huge pew pew Death Star laser! 0_0 

Built by a talented modeller from Area 11, this is perhaps the most original kit bash of a Gunpla I’ve ever seen! *Applause in unison*

Boosting the Fighting Core

It’s really been a while since my last assembly of any Gunpla kits. I got this MG Core Booster Version KA about a month ago alongside my other loots, but only spent a small portion of my free times weekly to work on it sparingly…

Finally finished it last week, but once again postponing its documentation up until now, as today is a national holiday on my island thus I got the time off work… XDc

Core Booster is an add-on pack of various weaponry for Victory Gundam released some time ago…

There’s also a bundled package combining both victory and Core Booster together in one called Victory Dash Version KA, but I don’t need another Victory do I? XDc

Sleek and full of armament, Core Booster is perhaps the most down-to-earth aircraft design ever in any Gundam series, sporting a standard triangular shaped jet fighter-esque of modern real life design…


Mecha Love… Gunpurarara!!

Warning: The following may drag on too long…

Inspired and following the footsteps of comrade lightningsabre, I’ve finally completed this 4koma (1koma to be exact… ^^;) after a week’s hard work of editing and cutting the photos into shape… ^_~

Originally I intend to put this panel as a custom video accompanying the ED of Durarara!! but unfortunately I don’t have such time and software… ^^;

Thank you comrade lightningsabre for letting me steal a couple of panels from your recent post as my guide… XD

Frame Dyed in Rouge

Red Frame, my most favourite MS design in the Gundam Universe, is the only one of its Gunpla version I don’t mind buying four times over… ^_~ In my armoury, I already possessed a couple of 1/100 Red Frames (Of one already being customised into Pink Frame…), a 1/60 PG Red Frame with Special Clear Set, and finally the recent addition 1/100 MG Red Frame Kai…

A sense of déjà vu pierced thru my very thought during the process of assembling this kit as the majority (Almost all to be exact… ^^;) of its runners are duplicates from Blue Frame 2nd Revise’s released last year…

On the other hand, panel lining the frames are quite tedious as well, which took me well over a week of ons and offs just to get the main body completed… 0_0 As such, I had to postpone once again my Sisterly Love 4koma for the week… ^^;

The extra clear runner that is included together with the kit in conjunction with the Clear Campaign promotion…

Unlike the clear parts of MG Victory that replaces all the blue parts of the Gunpla, the ones given for Red Frame Kai are only a partial of all the white outer armour parts, covering only around its abdomen and pelvic area…


Seeing Double

After much thought and financial calculations, I’ve made up my mind to finally replace my aging Olympus FE-230 Digicam which I’ve been using for figure photoshots for a couple of years now… Thanks to comrade chun and comrade WiseFreeman for their counsel, I’m going to fetch meself a Panasonic Lumix LX3… :D 

My special skill, Otaku Jinx, resurfaced yet again as I tried to obtain LX3 yesternite. After braving through an hour of traffic jam, I arrived at the shop where I’m suppose to collect my prize only to find out they have outta stock! >,< Looks like I’ll have to search for other options now, maybe trying my luck at a camera fair in the mall nearby tomorrow… ‘_’ I’ll be holding off Sisterly Love series until I got my LX3… ^^;

Anyways, my SAG (Suddenly Acquired Gunpla) from AFA09’s Bandai World Gunpla Competition, 1/100 MG RX-78-2 Gundam Version 2.0 Mechanical Smoked Clear Version (Which I christened Smoky, LOL…), was completed earlier this week…


It’s time to reveal it to the world… XDc

Smoky is pretty much identical to the 1st Gundam Version 2.0, only with an extra clear runner G… Therefore, I’ll review both Gunpla at once… XD

A goofy shot just for laughter before venturing further into the details… :Dc

An overall shot of the twins… From the front…

…From the rear…

…And the side… 


Awww those jokers… XD

Now a look at their articulations…

Pretty generous range of movement around the neck area…

Extendable inner shoulder frames allow absurd articulations on the shoulders…

Raising the whole shoulder upwards is no problemo for Gundam Version 2.0…

180 degrees elbow bending is now pretty much a standard amongst MGs…

Version 2.0s feature near-PG-styled finger joints, first seen on Zaku II Version 2.0… Bandai should have made them a standard for all MGs from now on… >,<

Like many MGs before and after Gundam Version 2.0, the last 3 fingers of each hand are moulded as a single piece… But I took the liberty to separate the individual fingers on Smoky… I left the original Gundam Version 2.0’s intact…

The fins on the breast exhaust vents are slightly adjustable, so you can close or open the vents at will…

Cockpit hatch can be raised to reveal the Core Block containing the pilot of the MS… ^_^ Note that there’s a sliding window on the hatch as well… 0_0

Splitting the MS into two, the Core Block is revealed!

In Operation V, Core Block doubles up as a Core Fighter… We’ll have a look later on…

Back to the body, you can see mechanism within the Core Block area allowing it to rotate from side to side at the abdomen area, albeit just slightly…

With the help of axis around the hips and pelvic area, the MS can bend forward and back with ease…

However, forward bending is obstructed by the cockpit hatch, so you’ll have to move it outta way to give more space for the bending… ^^;

As mentioned earlier, the Core Block can transform into a Core Fighter…

There’s a hatch on the body of the Core Fighter that can be slid out to reveal a rocket launcher thingie…

While docked inside the MS, the cockpit is usually shielded by the canopy of the fighter, which can be opened to reveal the pilot…

The legs are next… Side splitting is AOK…

Unfortunately normal splitting is not possible due to the design of the hips joints… >.<

Regular squat is possible with the flexibility around the knee and ankle joints…

The foot is blessed with a third toe joint, creating a more natural pose when bending around the foot…

Finally, a look at the armaments of the MS…

Beam Sabres, Beam Javelin, Beam Rifle with Napalm Grenade Launcher, Bazooka, Gundam Hammer and Shield…

The Shield comes with a pathfinder window, along with a sliding hatch to cover it when needed…

The handle on the Shield is adjustable depending on situation and poses… 

Notice the pegs near the Shield’s window? You can attach the Beam Rifle and Bazooka onto those hard points!

The same hard points exist on the backpack, butt armour as well as each side of the forearms, of which you can mix and match how you want to dock the armaments onto the MS… XDc

The Beam Sabre holders at each side of the backpack can be slid into the backpack when not in use… ^_^

Using the di:Stage display case, I’ve created a trophy like display to commemorate my winning entry of the competition… ^.^

MG Victory joining the fray in another display case… XD

One on each case! :3c

That’s all for the review… :D As a closure, an epic randomness as omake is presented to you… XD


Master Kai x SP Grade

Larger piccies of a couple of highly anticipated Master Grades is available for your viewing pleasure… ^_^

1/100 Master Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai…



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