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Starry Costume Plays of AFA14

AFA officials announced more guests of the event. This time the cosplayers from all over the region, including Malaysia’s Angie and Ying Tze, Singapore’s Clive, China’s Hana & Baozi and Taiwan’s Hyko, Kazumi Noomi and Mon…

In fact I’ve just met with Angie and Ying Tze (Her Date A Live’s Miku costume was made for CF Mini after all) no less than half a month ago… XDc


It seems there will be more guest cosplayers to be announced in the near future… Stay tuned for more!


Acquisitions of a Mini Fiesta

For the past few days, I’ve covered Comic Fiesta Mini 2014 in three separate posts: the event itself, the attending musuko and musume and the loads of cosplayers roaming around.

It was an exhausting weekend, causing me body ache for the next few days after as well as a high fever… orz


Anyway, here’s a summary of what I managed to procure on site.  


Costume Play of a Mini Fiesta

After a thorough look at them lovely musuko and musume at Comic Fiesta Mini 2014 last post, now let’s move on to the climax of the event itself.


To no one’s surprise, many ACG lovers attended the event itself, many of them dressed and played as their favourite character(s) for both days.


Musume and Musuko of a Mini Fiesta

Continuing from the post earlier, let’s have a look at the dolls of various sizes that appear during the event last weekend on the 27th and 28th…


Most of the lovely daughters and sons were stationed at one of the doujin booth, which sells primarily doll clothing and accessories.  


Commencement of a Mini Fiesta

Last weekend on the 27th and 28th, within the hallways of Penang Times Square, Comic Fiesta Mini 2014 successfully held its second run since last year’s Gurney Paragon success.

With a more contained and larger area for exhibits and stage events, CFMini have an entrance fee of RM 10 per day this time around unlike Gurney Paragon’s free-of-admittance.


It was but a small price to pay as there are many programmes and guest cosplayers graced this event. 



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