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Floor Plan of AFA14

AFA officials are really going all out this year, with more than fifty of them guests and artistes to grace the event, which spans across 3 days and a night…  


Even the numbers of exhibitors and sponsors that will make their appearance at the venue are not to be reckoned with! 


Scheduling for AFA14

The schedule for the stage events are out!

From the looks of it, I’ll be spending a lot of time at the stage area for the 3 days… orz


I wouldn’t want to miss any encounter with all the seiyuu they are throwing at us this year.


Child of AFA14 Stars

Apparently that squeaky invader from the deep-sea and the teleporting stalker will make their ways to AFA14’s stage!


Thanks, based Starchild!


Eventful Stages at AFA14

More news from the front lines!

The AFA Stage Events are going to be a blast from the looks of it, with more seiyuu appearances, a song writer’s attendance, and finally HoriPro returns again fresh from last year’s success with their group of attached artiste invitees! 


While Emitsun is busy with her Phantasy Star Online 2 On Stage performance which falls on the same dates, Mimorin and Soramaru will once again attend AFA!

Love Livers will be so pleased to hear this… XDc


Dolls of COSPAR³

As a closure to the report(s) on COSPAR³ from last week, let’s admire these lovely dolls that attended the event. :3c


Rotsa dolls big and small, male and female types, humanoid or centaur… It doesn’t really matter which manufacturer they are from, or how some of them may seem too realistic that eventually they freaked out some normal folks (I was one of these folks before Tama-chan entered my life… XDc), all of them are welcomed in the event!



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