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After a couple of months of delay as well as a prolonged delivery due to the galloping holidays, Tama-chan latest scaled figure finally reached ashore, safely docked in my den earlier last week.

After a fatal accident that befell upon Tama-chan (Dollfie Dream ver.), I’ve finally got myself to gether for a session of photo shooting this new subject. :3c


As always, the obligatory box shot.

Printed in a nice pinkish-black hue, the packaging has several display windows in the shape of Sakura (Cherry Blossom) petals all around the box.



Gracing the event in her proto-form during the last WonFes some time earlier this Earth cycle, the scaled figure of the naughty foxy is finally available for pre-ordering~!


This will be my second scaled figure of my beloved Tama-chan, after a long while of absence of any kind of fixed-pose figures prior to that, aside from her earlier Miko incarnation of course.



Subjected to the usual Moons ‘o’ delaying and rescheduling, Mini Tama-chan finally landed upon our doorstep, much to the delight of Tama-chan as well as Goshujin-sama… :3c

Now please excuse Tama-chan while Tama-chan fetches Tama-chan’s DSLR for this round’s Tama-chan’s Self Review!


An EXTRAordinary Anniversary!

It’s been a full Earth cycle since the release of the awesomeness that is PSP RPG — Fate/Extra!

Happy 1st anniversary to all comrades and fans alike! XDc



Shown in prototype form earlier this year, the scaled figure of our lovely foxy miko is finally up for grabs~!

Eventho I’ve promised to myself not to ever collect fixed-posed scaled figure since the start of FigNendo era, CastFox-chan managed to melt my iron will, breaking a certain resolution while tempting me to click on the red button labeled PO… ^^;



「Finally homu homu…」 Twisting the doorknob, I stepped into my den after a long exhausting meeting on a fine Saturday evening. 「Tadaim—」

「—a…?」 Something’s not quite right here…

My primary rig’s screen is on, with an anime episode playing… 0_0



「Tadaima~!」 I stepped into my den after a hard day’s work, preparing myself to enter ofuro…

「Tama-chan! I’ll be rori-ing into the shower now, care to join me?」 I don’t see her anywhere. 「Tama-chan?」

Oh there you are!



Preparation for photo shooting session ~ 1/2 Hour;

Styling and caring for messy wig ~ 1 Hour;

Actual posing and photo shooting ~ 2 Hours;

Satisfaction ~ Timeless…

DD is one real-deal SERIOUS business!! D:

But piccies of lovely Tama-chan ~ Priceless… ^~^

Anyways, here’s an intro (ala light novel styled picture drama) to my very own musume CastFox-chan, unveiled just a quarter of moon ago! XDc

Be warn tho there’s a few NSFW piccies inbound… Best be ready to hit your Boss-key! XDc


Set Phase(r) to Off!

Almost three full seasons went by after me resolution to adopt a musume, I’ve finally completed my summon of a musume Servant!

Behold! CastFox-chan! XDc



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