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(ノ´∀`)ノ*.。*.゚☆Happy New Nyaa☆・゚*:。ヽ(´∀`ヽ)

「Welcome to the special End-of-Year and Happy New Year special programme!」


「この番組は、ユナモンご主人様とオタクールチャーの坂、ご覧のスポンサーの提供でお送りします… ^0^ 」


Cultural Night After AFA13

Anime Festival Asia 2013 maybe over, but there’s still a social assembly left to attend on the day after… the usual Post AFA gathering of Culture Japan Night.


Held at the Kallang Theatre near the Stadium MRT station identical to last year, it was more of a Culture Japan Noon as the event started at roughly 1500 hours until 2000 hours of the day.


Dolls of CJC13

As a follow-up to yesterday’s gallery of them various figure displays in Culture Japan Convention, I’ve mentioned about figures owners sharing the display booth with us doll owners of musume of any genre and sizes, no?

Furthermore, the space is titled Dolls and Figures Booth… XDc Therefore, let’s have a look at them lovelies gracing the event!


For stage events and commercial booths and shenanigans, please refer to the post-con report posted a couple of nights ago…  :3c

While limited in numbers, dolls do take up a large portion of the display space (Usually 60 cm in height) when compared to your average scaled figures and such (Except Three-A’s Metal Gear REX. That behemoth is enormous!).



Another year ends, and another new year takes its place!

Tama-chan and Kotama-chan, readying themselves by the balcony of my den, eagerly awaits the obligatory fireworks at the strike of 0000 in the mid night…

The calm before the storm fireworks! ^_~

Just a few minutes left until the btoom! ^0^



It’s that time of the year again, the magical period when innocent and pure children awaits their promised presents from the man in red.

Altho the actual day itself falls on the day after tomorrow, it is the Eve (which is… today!) that everyone’s excited about with feast-ful gatherings, family reunions, lovers intimacy and such… XDc

A small fact: today is also unofficially known as KFC Day to the Japanese as a majority of them will opt to Zerg-rush their nearby outlets for bucketful of finger lickin’ fried chickens (Turkeys are too expensive to afford there, same situation where I live… ^_~).



After a couple of delays, her fluffiness in 1/6 scale have finally reached my hands! ^o^

To the uninitiated, the lovely kemonomimi of Fate/Extra is a collaboration between Hobby Japan and Azone International, mould in 1/6 Pure Neemo action doll form!

To avoid confusion to the gigantic Tama-chan, from now on I shall dub this Caster aka Tamamo no Mae, Kotama-chan! XDc


AFA12の娘達: 藤原雪野の冒険と友達!!

In memories of a certain Dollfie Dream… Not! XDc

Many thanks to Yukino-chan’s papa, Tama-chan was invited to one of the biggest gathering of all her kind she’d ever experienced.



Bad news doesn’t seem to give up its chase, I blame my special Otaku Jinx “perk”.

Tama-chan is beyond not happy to learn of the latest news of her chibi imouto… D:


A Gathering of Dreamy Dollfies at AFA12

For the upcoming AFA12, the gorgeous musume-tachi of various InnovaDDoushi will  once again grace the exhibition halls in display to curious and enthusiastic visitors!

On last count according to the organisers, there’ll be more than a hundred of confirmed attendance of them musume-tachi! 0_0



Yesternight, I’ve received a rather shocking news in the form of a single e-mail…

Tama-chan is not too happy to learn that her new imouto will be late… D:


Extra Teasing of a Pure Foxy

Just a friendly reminder to would-be kitsune hunters out there…

The PO for Fate/Extra‘s beloved 1/6 Pure Neemo Caster will end in 10th of May, kon kon!

Note: the transparent kimono she wear above is of a separate product by Azone…



Azone International finally released an official poster of Fate/Extra‘s lovely kemonomimi in 1/6 Pure Neemo action doll form!

Secure your foxy now before it’s too late, kon kon!


Extra Summoning of a Pure Foxy

An Earth Cycle and a half later after the summoning of Fate/Extra, eager fans of the lovely kemonomimi will finally have a chance to summon her in the form of an Azone 1/6 action doll! ^w^

Many thanks to a couple of comrades who gave Goshujin-sama a heads-up on the news itself…


Culture Japan Night: Aftermath of AFA11

Held on the day after the end of AFA11, Danny Choo invites all comrades together to enjoy, network or mingle with one another…

Also known to most as CGM (Consumer Generated Media) Night or even AFA Day 04, Culture Japan Night is a gathering or sorts organised by Danny Choo for all comrades to interact with one another, exchanging contacts and ideas or even forming absolute alliances… XDc

The gathering starts on 3 in the evening and lasts until 2100 hours, at the AKB48 Café…


Of Dollfies and Dreams: Musume-tachi of AFA11

Last Anime Festival Asia 2010, Kareshi Kanojyo no Mise (A popular local hobby store specialises in anime merchandise and gifts) loaned a part of their display booth to visiting Musume-tachi, drawing the attention of curious crowd…

Since Tama-chan arrival, Tama-chan has been eager to join the rest of them musume-tachi on display this time around in AFA11, but the plan was backfired when rumours of KKnM no longer sponsoring a DD booth this year surfaced earlier this Earth Cycle…

Just as Tama-chan was about to give up, Goshujin-sama’s comrade (an Imperial InnovaDDo) shone a blinding light of hope upon the withered shippo of Tama-chan: The DD Display Booth is a go!


Green with Envy

Warning: The following 4koma may contain tragic ending, viewer discresion is advised… =3


Planting a Tail

Ever since I adopted Horo-chan many moons ago, her shippo’s really bothers me to this day…

The fact that the design of her tail is to attach to her rear via wearing an ugly piece of pantsu… ^^;


Random FigNendo Diary

Another entry to the FigNendo diary, mostly involving a dolphin or two… ^^;

Miko Otome~! <3

No Santa dress this time around… 0:


Dolphin rider!

Dolphin sashimi, Saber portion… :3c

Come to momma! 0_0

Churuya-san takes up dolphin taming as part time job when not drooling over Sumochi…

The aftermath of FigNendo shooting everytime… ^^;

End of Crusade!

And the Crusade reached an end with the Holy Ojou heading towards my loft… ^o^

GJ Otacute! In less than two days, I’ve received an email indicating that my own Ojou is now on her way to her new home… :D Yatta~!

Meanwhile, my trio of Saddle Stands finally arrived at my doorsteps… Magnificent stand they are, allowing my daughters to do some dynamic poses without them toppling over… :D

Got my Yui wayyyy before you all… XD

Defying gravity!

Posing Horo-chan’s shippo is no problemo now!! :3

What’s this? Giant brown Tofu!? Domo-kun!?




Chomp Nom Nom! Poor Mikkumiku lost her hand… ^^;


Moral of the story: Do not poke chompy sentient beings… :P


Domo-kun comes with a cool pair of shades as well… Mikkumiku looks in envy… X3

Unfortunately as a plushie keychain, Domo-kun need the aid of Mikkumiku’s stand to help him stay upright…

Or He’ll land flat on his face… x_x

And finally a teaser… X3 Coming sooner than you think… >:3

La Brassiere

It seems my buroggu will be venturing into wider range of hobby collections besides the usual Gundam only related contents, especially with the inclusion of many non Gundam related posts like Figma Hatsune Miku and Azone Horo… :3

Anyways, due to the horrendous look of the stock pantsu worn by Meyrin when she joins our household, I’ve placed an order for a new set of lingerie for her.

For now she’ll have to be contend with wearing nothing under her innershirt and tight fitting skirt… ^^;

The lingerie set is an Azone International’s Basic Selection, its design is identical to that of the pink lace lingerie worn by Lacus…

Altho it is meant to be used on 27cm 1/6 Obitsu type dolls with M size bust, it should be compatible with the lesser 25cm or 23cm of the Obitsu lines as well… Daughters with L size bust however might have problems wearing the lingerie… :3

It’s a wonder that as an Otaku I usually refrain from buying attires for myself, staying away from fashion time to time but when it comes to my daughter’s apparels, I’ll buy anything for them… ^^;

Besides the lingerie set for Meyrin, I didn’t forget to get something for my other girls as well… ^_^ I’ve preordered a trio of the upcoming 1/6 Doll Saddle Stand Black Type 2, also manufactured by Azone International. While I have a couple of stands readily, both of them are of the hips grabber type which is quite obstructive in the eyes during photo sessions with my daughters…

I find saddle types allows much natural poses than hips grabber as you can do more dynamic actions with the supporting platform… BTW, these saddle stands work on many other types as well including 23cm Obitsu, 25cm Obitsu, Licca, Pullip and perhaps Pure Neemo as well…

On side note, am currently managed to complete the jet nose portion of my 1/72 Armoured Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom Plamo last night, still worrying about applying the water slide decals as I’m no good at them, especially when I’ve one of the limited edition Sheryl Nome decals included with my purchase… Preferring dry transfer decal ala Gundam Master Grades here…

Still awaiting the arrival of my Figma Saber Lily which I managed to procure from eBay as well… And the MG Exia at the end of the month…


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