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Dolls of AFA14

Dolls (Especially those of 60cm in height, playfully referred to as musume (Daughters) by their loving parents) have made a prominent presence amongst the community attending past AFAs, especially during AFA12

While not as grand as the gathering in 2012, many musume did made their attendance to this year’s event as well…


Exit Tunes, in promoting their new Vocaloid, had a custom Mayu doll on display at their booth. 


Standees of AFA14

With the scale of the event this year, it’s no doubt many exhibitors chose to invest more on their promotional display materials.

Many had their very own photo booth for public photo-shooting, others have human-sized standees guarding theirs… w


Yes, them standees have their own separate post due to the immense amount of them that I’ve managed to capture into my lens… orz 


Doujinshi Area and Niconico Kunikaigi of AFA14

More commonly know as the Creators Hub, local doujinshi scene flocked this particular area at the even halls to showcase their impressive fan arts and original creations.


Posters, art books, photo books, button badges, accessories, dakimakura covers, T-shirts, etc… You can find them all here!


The Idolm@ster, Culture Japan and Volks of AFA14

The Idolm@ster is one of the main exhibitor in this event, spreading its idol love to the masses.


Consists of The Idolm@ster, Million Live! and Cinderella Girls, the franchise has captivated Producers (Fans of the series are named as such) all over the world in a titanic wave. w



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