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Acquisitions of AFA13

You don’t expect me to go on for an Anime Festival Asia 2013 trip without any loot of my own, do you? w

Unlike earlier years, most of my acquisition this time around are mostly apparel and merchandise, along with a single tiny figure. :P 


Got three T-Shirts in order to expand my library of anime related wardrobe, incidentally all of them are white in base. w

Two of them are from the doujin circle Tomodachi T-Shirts (As per the name of their circle, specialised in anime T-Shirts) while another one is from Culture Japan Booth. w


Yandere Kouhai of an Extra Fate

Not to be outdone by the likes of a NEET’s Servant, the side heroine determined to retake her spot as the game’s main…

BB, the mysterious Sakura-look-alike, now has her own Chara PV too… ^o^


NEET Guardian of an Extra Fate

Yet another Chara PV is now online on the official site of Fate/Extra CCC

The spot light now shines upon the likes of the protector of the socially awkward NEET and net addict, Karuna


Dreamy Outfits for the 10th Moon

Unveiled during the September issue of Volks News, which incidentally doubled up as the 50th Volume since its publication, there will be an event this coming 20th… ^_~

Besides the Tenshi no Sumika Fair 2012/Cool Kyoto 2012 event., the October New Outfit Collection will be made available on Volks Website Store as well.

Expect rotsa InnovaDDoushi and campers to fight against one another for a chance to land some of these raburi raburi merchandise onto their musume’s hands… :3c


A Journal of Dreamy Doll(fies)

Since last Saturday, InnovaDDo with subscription to Volks News infozine has been flooding the interwebs with discussions and speculations of the upcoming outfits and new DD related items from the latest September issue of Volks News Vol. 50. ^_~

Seems like these lovely merchandise will be available during the Tenshi no Sumika Fair 2012/Cool Kyoto 2012 event…

Tama-chan has set Tama-chan’s eyes upon a single pinkish outfit that Tama-chan must get Tama-chan’s hands on. Tama-chan wonder if Goshujin-sama will get one for Tama-chan? :3c


Golden Summoning of an Extra Fate

Minor news on the upcoming Fate/Extra CCC, some good and some bad, courtesy of a fellow CastKitsune loving comrade’s tweet

While it is almost a certainty, the latest gaming magazine finally confirms CCC’s delay from Spring until Winter…

The good news is the inclusion of another player selectable Servant to the original trio!!


マイデスク Circa 2012

Another EOY (end of year)! Time sure flies by in a blink of an eye and it’s been only a full moon since my visit to AFA11 too… 0_0

Nothing major shifts around my room since last Earth cycle, but I’ve just had my main desktop shuffled and cleaned to accommodate a new add-on…


Phantastic Moon Carnival

Revealed within the latest Type-Moon Ace animangazine alongside Figma Saber Zero, is none other than the Figma of pure white Mahou Shoujo (!?) Phantas-Moon!

Phantas-Moon is a magical girl parody of Arcueid Brunestud of Tsukihime infame, and have since appeared on various Type-Moon games (Fate: Tiger Colosseum Upper) and manga titles…


An EXTRAordinary Anniversary!

It’s been a full Earth cycle since the release of the awesomeness that is PSP RPG — Fate/Extra!

Happy 1st anniversary to all comrades and fans alike! XDc


A Foxy Temptation!

Animangazines, books, artbooks… I don’t usually gotta collect ‘em all tho due to the killer shipping fees… ^^;

However, Tamamo‘s been tempting me to get these particular Fate/Extra themed books so much that I nearly click on the “Cart Out” button almost immediately when I browsed on them at Amazon Japan! ^^;


Motto, Daki-jacked!!!

Once again I found myself gazing at a scene of crime, this time committed by another itoko of mine… ^^;

Somehow she had landed herself atop of my lovely Angel… :o

I am quite… amused actually… XDc

Poor Plushie-chan got herself buried at the corner tho… =_=

Type Me to the Moon and Let Me Ace Amongst the Stars…

Shipped only on the 4th day after New Year’s due to holidays, was very surprised when I got the package a couple of days later from Amazon Japan! My what fast courier service! ^^;

Just like any Animangazine I got before, the shipping is a killer, costing 3 times the price of the product itself!! ^^;


A Year Casted with Foxy Tail!

Only a couple of days left until the end of this fine Earth cycle! Lookin’ back this year, I can safely confess that this is the year of the fox to me… ^o^;

Ever since the official words on the PSP game Fate/Extra, I’ve set my mind to get it for the Figma Saber Extra it comes along with. However as the release date getting nearer and near and then delayed, more info on in-game characters shedding their shadowy shroud, one of them being a new Caster not familiar to me…

It never once crossed my thoughts that I’ll be falling down deeper into the endless pit when I first gaze upon this kitsune mimi musume… 0_0



After the disappointment of failure to get Hanazawa Kana’s lovely signature, I’d returned to my den with this Kanade Dakimakura untouched.

I guess it’s time to unleash her shiroi tsubasa… ^_~


Touched by an Angel

Arriving at the same time as the Ita-skin yesternite is a rather heavy danbooru from the Land of the Rising Anime…

Actually I went to fetch it from the Detention Centre due to their inability to properly deliver the said package the day before, eventho there’s someone at my den to receive it in my stead! Stupid Postal Dude… >,<

Unloading the acquisition reveals a (Should I say couple?) rather huge paperback! This surprises me as I’ve always thought Dengeki G’s Festival! Comic is a regular Animangazine similar to those like Nyan Type or Hobby Japan, not this… this phone directory…!!



More Se.Kirara Figma goodness… ^_^ 

Fifth in line after the loli Go player, Pinkku Apuron Musume and Kagura Aya x2, Shizuno Izumi now joins the girls with her blue-purplish theme! :3c



Unlike the rest of the girls, this oneechan sports less accessories, but make up to it with her superb, achem, cup size… ^^;



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