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Procurement: AFA12の勝利品

Lots, booties, treasures! What event ends without any wallet-killing? XDc

Like many AFA before it, AFA12 too drained my in-store credits to its core… orz

Ever since I’ve got myself the Moekana cards back during AFAMY12, I’ve wanted to get one of those deck holders every Card Battlers been carrying around… Luckily a certain Uncle got them in stock at discounted price at his Kopitiam in the halls!

Got a couple of them, one for the Moekana and the other for holding the meishi I’ve collected… XDc

The holders come with a trio of extra Moekana card too along with a lovely paper bag!


Post AFA Syndrome: Culture Japan Night

After an incredible experience of merchandise temptation, lovely daughters and mouth-dropping cosplays aside, AFA12 has officially ended…

Well at least for most of them public. Enthusiastic comrades will not let the joy die down so easily… XDc


Metamorphosis: The Cosplays of AFA12

After the report on the exhibits and the gathering of lovely daughters of AFA12, it’s time to move on the next element of any ACG events: the incredible costumes of Cosplayers!

Oh wait that’s not a cosplay but an itansha!

But then again taking 50 steps backwards it’s technically a motorcycle cosplaying so it counts! XDc


AFA12の娘達: 藤原雪野の冒険と友達!!

In memories of a certain Dollfie Dream… Not! XDc

Many thanks to Yukino-chan’s papa, Tama-chan was invited to one of the biggest gathering of all her kind she’d ever experienced.


Debriefing: The Exhibits of AFA12

Grander in ambition with moar hall spaces, AFA12 is no doubt the biggest event yet over the South East Asia, rivaling the like of Anime Expo of the Western countries in scale!

Once again, giants of the ACG industry along with various merchants come together to pour in their resources in making this event a success!


The Preview of AFA12

The journey to the South has begun! AFA12 here I come!

What a great start for a day light’s breaker bidding me farewell as I’m heading towards my local airstrip to catch a ride upon the steel bird… 


Packing up for AFA12

This weekend, I’ll once again travel down South for my annual pilgrimage to the island of the Fishy Lion for AFA12!!

Tama-chan was so restless for the past few days hopping around the room in excitement while I’m busy packing up for our trip. XDc


Strategic Planning of AFA12

T-minus 10 days left until the big day, the floor plan of the exhibition hall has finally been revealed!

Time to plan your attack route, fellow comrades! XDc


Guiding an Event of AFA12

The shroud on the main stage events for the upcoming AFA12 has finally been shed…

As per AFA tradition, there will once again be a seiyuu special stage this time featuring Sphere members Tomatsu Haruka, Takagaki Ayahi, Toyosaki Aki and Kotobuki Minako!

Incidentally it is the second time Toyosaki Aki and Kotobuki Minako visited an AFA event, their first being during AFA09 as K-On! casts! XDc


Cinematic Contract of AFA12

It’s no surprise that the Puella Magi Madoka Magica franchise has earned its special place amongst the otaku community for the past two years, spawning many by-products like figures, manga and a couple of recap movies of the TV series currently screening all over Japan.

There’s also a hint that a second season is in the works after the 3rd original movie!

Being part of the featured anime in AFA12, guess what will grace the halls of the event itself?


A Gathering of Dreamy Dollfies at AFA12

For the upcoming AFA12, the gorgeous musume-tachi of various InnovaDDoushi will  once again grace the exhibition halls in display to curious and enthusiastic visitors!

On last count according to the organisers, there’ll be more than a hundred of confirmed attendance of them musume-tachi! 0_0


Ticketing of AFA12

A brief update on the upcoming AFA12!

Less than a Moon until the big day itself and my annual trip to the South! XDc


Electrifying Groovy Ticketing

The ticketing info for the Electric Goove: I Love Anisong Concert is out for the upcoming AFA12!

The concert will be divided into 3 separate mini concerts consisting of different line-up of artistes for different days~!


The Expanded Groove of AFA12

Another expansion is expected within the ranks of the superb line-up of various artistes to perform in the Electric Goove: I Love Anisong Concert for the upcoming AFA12!

Announced during the recently concluded Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (AFAID), aside from FLOW, fripSide, May’n, Sea☆A, Sphere and T.M. Revolution and Babymetal, m.o.v.e., LiSA and Kuribayashi Minami will also be included!! Hardcore fans should now about them!

However it seems the official site have yet to update its content to reflect this announcement…

Stay tuned for more info and news!

The Rori Metal of AFA12

This just in: Another group will join the ranks of the already superb line-up of various artistes to perform in the Electric Goove: I Love Anisong Concert for the upcoming AFA12!

FLOW, fripSide, May’n, Sea☆A, Sphere and T.M. Revolution aside, Babymetal will lend their voice to turn up the heat that is the excitement of one of the most anticipated anime/manga/games event of the year~!

Visit the official site for more info and news! See you later the year! XDc

The Highlights of AFA12

At the start of the 8th Moon, a press conference for the upcoming AFA12 was held, announcing various juicy details of one of the most anticipated annual anime/manga/game event of the region.

Let’s have a look at what to expect during my 4th pilgrimage to the land of the Fishy Lion! XDc


Uncovering AFA12

AFA’s official twitter account just announced that a press conference will be held by next week on August the 1st to reveal juicy details on the upcoming AFA12~!!

The annual event will be set on a new site this year at Halls 7 and 8 of Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre on the 9th, 10th and 11th of the 11th Moon…

Stay tuned for more news by next week!


Arrived earlier last week is a truck load full of them meishi I’ve ordered from last Moon…

… in preparation for AFAMY12 that will soon arrive in a little more than another Moon’s time!


A Date with an EX(PO)

Revealed just a few moments earlier, the officials released the date and venue of the upcoming AFA12~!!

With this comes a whole new level of excitement to the community, as well as my annual pilgrimage to the City of Fishy Lion itself~!

Breaking off from its traditional venue of Suntec, this year’s AFA will instead be held on the 9th, 10th and 11th of the 11th Moon at Halls 7 and 8 of Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre

According to local comrades, this means gigantic space more than twice that of Suntec’s for the event itself!!! Imagine the possibilities of what can be done there!


Dual AFA Teaser

Thank to the heads-up from the Cultural Minister of Japan just a few moments earlier, I am now made aware of the official announcement of this year’s most anticipated otaku event… >w<

It’s more like a teaser tho…

The only thing made known to us is the confirmation of the date of which they’ll be held on… Waidaminute “they”?



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