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Debriefing of a Durandal

In a couple of posts from last month, I’ve already concluded my review on my Macross holy grail, the YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie (Ozma Lee Custom).

However, I deemed it was necessary for a few comparison shots with some of my other Macross Valks. So here’s a triple shots of them together in there Triple forms… XDc

Firstly, all three Valks in their respective Fighter mode. 



Scale wise, Ozma Lee’s ride is the largest in my arsenal, followed by the slightly smaller plamo kit Saotome Alto’s VF-25F Armoured Messiah Valkyrie and the miniature Revoltech Roy Focker’s VF-1S. YF-29 really stands out due to its awesome colour scheme and custom paint job.

For more information on the YF-29, please refer to my reviews: Misadventure of a Skull Leader and Formation: Totsugeki! Love Heart!

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Yesterday, the 1st day of the 8th month, marks the 15th anniversary since the original Chosen Ones embarked on their journey to the Digital World. Celebrating the occasion, a special event complete with live streaming from Niconico was held at Odaiba, the holy ground for all things Digimon. :3c

I kinda missed the 1st half of the stream due to still at RL work at the time, but managed to view the latter half as well as catching the early parts after the end of the streaming using the Timeshift function on Niconico.


Was utterly excited and shedding nostalgic tears as I sit through all the interviews as well as several live performance of those nostalgic OP, ED and Insert songs from both Digimon Adventure (Brave Heart, Target, Butter-Fly, etc.) and its sequel Digimon Adventure 02, performed by none other than the original holy trinity, Wada Koji (He recently recovered from his battle against cancer, kudos to his dedication to sing on this special moment even though he had minor trouble on his breathing…), Maeda Ai (AiM) and Miyazaki Ayumi!

Not to mention the appearance of the series mascot Agumon (And also the seiyuu behind both Agumon and Gabumon: Sakamoto Chinatsu and Yamaguchi Mayumi), much to the delight of the many fans on site and on stream, most of them ladies and gentlemen who’ve grown up together with the franchise. XDc

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Braving through the hazy heat of all-year-long mid-summer last weekend, I rushed towards the site as soon as I got myself ready after my RL job. Oh yes, it’s Bon Odori Matsuri once again!

There was another event at another part of the island, a cosplay event featuring guest appearance of Aza Miyuko (An ex-member of Spiral Cats and a cosplay guest during AFAMY12), which sadly fell around the same time period as Bon Odori. Had to abandon the former in favour of securing a good parking space (For the whole night) on earlier hours to avoid the incoming crowd at the latter’s…


I was an invitee of Konatsu, a local ACG group full of like-minded folks and similarly enthusiastic comrades, to join them at their picnic site under a designated canopy given to them by the organisers since many of them are part of the dance performance for the day.

It was the mid of the a hot day when I reached my destination. Only a few early Konatsu birds were already there, chatting and hammering away their sumafo playing Love Live! School Idol Festival. XDc

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It’s July the 22nd, a day significant to the Love Livers as it is the birthday of Yazawa Niko, the buchou of Idol Research Club as well as a part of μ’s, a School Idol Unit.

Despite being one of the oldest of the unit, she looks the youngest amongst the 9-girl-ensemble and proud of it. XDc


To coincide and in celebration of the 25252 Day, Kahotan tweeted a fully painted prototype of Nendoroid version of her! ^~^ 

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Formation: Totsugeki! Love Heart!

A continuation from last time, which is solely focused upon the YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie (Ozma Lee Custom)’s Fighter mode, now let’s transform it into its other modes in this follow-up post.

While boasting of its triple-changing modes of Fighter-Gerwalk-Battroid, there is actually another sub-form shown sparingly in the anime, a tween of Fighter and Gerwalk which I personally called the AT-ST Chicken Walker mode. XDc


One of the perks of being a Valk is its ability to do a sudden emergency stop and/or reverse thrusts, something of which even its real world jet fighter counterparts have yet to achieve perfectly as far as I know (Please correct me if I’m wrong). 

It’s basically your average Gerwalk mode, which is why most of the time it is called as such. The only difference is the arms are not deployed, only the thrusters are detached from its initial location and brought forward as legs.

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