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Crying foul over the intense heat of the hot summer days, I’ve finally succumbed to Tama-chan’s demands and got her a new Kimono, in part as preparation for the upcoming Bon Odori visit next Moon…


From Rosemary Town (迷迭香小镇) on Taobao, this short, sexy Kimono set consists of  the Kimono itself, the obi, a pair of knee socks, a couple of red ribbons, a flowery head-dress, a guitar necklace and a fan (Sold Separately via add-on option on the sales page).

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Intercepting the TIE of the Jedi

Bricks and studs assembly going on a roll!

As mentioned last time, I have acquired yet another LEGO Star Wars set, just shortly after I got the 75030 Microfighters Millennium Falcon


First seen during the last of the Prequel movies (Episode III: Revenge of the Sith), the Eta-2 Actis-Class Light Interceptor (Most commonly known as the Jedi Interceptor due to its heavy use by the Jedi Generals throughout the end days of the Clone Wars) is a Starfighter purposely designed to bridge the gap between the Prequel Trilogy and Original Trilogy. :3

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It’s the Ship That Made the Kessel Run in Less Than 12 Parsecs!

It’s only been little time since my reintroduction back into the world of bricks and studs, and I’ve already landed with another set, even though it’s definitely smaller in scale this time…


Created to complement its paid iOS/Android app (Or is it the other way around?), the LEGO Star Wars Microfighters is a classic STG game where you control starships in the Star Wars universe like the X-Wing, TIE Interceptor, Clone Turbo Tank, Droid AAT, Star Destroyer and of course the Milennium Falcon to lead them to victory whilst avoiding intense enemy fire on your mobile phone, as per good old STG tradition. :3c

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タマちゃんの礼装 Ver. 2.22: You Can (Not) Stop Improve

As mentioned during my latest post on Tama-chan’s ever-expanding improvements, aside from her 蒼色の呪術服, her new outfit from Fate/Extra CCC also had undergone a complete overhaul, courtesy of my seamstress. 

Version 1.0 of the CCC outfit 漆黒の魔術服 (Which you can see in full during AFA12) was commissioned some time before the release of the original PSP game itself, of which only the front side of the concept art for the outfit was shown at the time. 


Due to the lack of official arts on the outfit’s back view during the time, my seamstress had to improvise and made the outfit as she sees fit, which was of course far from accurate as I found out later after the release of the game. 

Striving to make Tama-chan as close to her original as possible, a remake was commissioned alongside the aforementioned default reisou. 

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She May Not Look Like Much, But She’s Got It Where It Counts…

If my memory serves me correctly, it’s been more than a decade since I last touch (Let alone assemble and play with) the LEGO bricks…

In my early years, I have always been fascinated by the versatility of the LEGO bricks, of which one could build almost everything as far as your imagination can go. 

Owning sets of LEGO is by no means a tough feat then or even now, as they are not really in an affordable price range and often seen as rich kids’ (And Credits-loaded collectors) toys.


Throughout my decade of absence, two of my favourites, Star Wars and LEGO, somehow merged. 0w0 And out from the union, a slew of magnificent LEGO sets based on the films has been churning out non-stop over these years, although many of them are phased out in very short period and/or are exclusives.

An impulse acquisition from a fortnight back landed me this childhood love: the LEGO Star Wars Set 7965 Millennium Falcon, the iconic YT-1300 492727ZED Corellian Light Freighter from the movies is finally mine after years of drooling at displays at various stores!

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