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Another Guest for a Mini Fiesta

Comic Fiesta Mini 2014, which will be held in Penang Times Square on the 27th and 28th of September, welcomes yet another guest cosplayer to its midst.


Aside from Angie, Ying Tze and Aza Miyuko, the last of the four event guests have been announced on the official Book of Faces: the Taiwanese cosplayer Misa.

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「Kept You Waiting, Huh?」

Indeed you have, David. Indeed you have…

Ever since Metal Gear Solid (MGS1) made its début in the late 90’s, I’ve wanted to get a good poseable figure of the reluctant anti-hero of the franchise.

There are several variations of Solid Snake figures being released among the decade, but none of them are detailed enough to call for my attention.

Well maybe except Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai (PAK) line of the gigantic Solid Snake, which IMHO doesn’t worth my hard-earned credits. He’s way too large for collection and with the price as close to a 1/6 doll of similar height? I still prefer my figures in palm size thank you very much…^_~


Then came Revoltech’s entry of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker’s (An expanded universe of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater) Naked Snake, bringing a tiny beam of hope of finally a decent figure of the Snake from the original MGS1.

Unfortunately years went by and still no sign of any other Snakes save for Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes…

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Mini Fiesta of Comical Proportion

Once again, Comic Fiesta will have a smaller event in the form of Comic Fiesta Mini on my island. Unlike last year’s though, CFMini will be held in Penang Times Square which is just a few blocks away from my den!

Unlike last time, there will be an admission charge of RM 10 per day for entrance, which I think is fair since we have quite a number of guest cosplayers this time around. Ticketing and further info are available here.


CFMini will begin on the 27th and ends on the 28th of September, of which I’ve fine-tuned my schedule in order to attend both days in full.

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Site Expansion of AFA14

It’s been moons since any major announcement for the greatest event of the year, Anime Festival Asia 2014, which will be held on the island nation of the Lion City.


With the passing of Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2014 last week, looks like the officials finally decided to release some info for the upcoming end-of-year event.

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「Fate Rarely Calls Upon Us at a Moment of Our Choosing」

As quoted above on the post title, I really didn’t expect myself getting this figure at all.

Re-released as a complement to Michael Bay’s latest movie Transformers: Age of Extinction (Known as Lost Age in Japan), the Voyager Class AD-12 Revenge Optimus Prime is based upon its appearance in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2nd movie in the Movieverse), having nothing to do with the latest movie at all… ^^;

Albeit too complicated in design, I’m fascinated with the over all feel of the original Movieverse Optimus Prime ever since I saw the 1st movie, but the only good-looking figures of him are a rarity nowadays.

As mentioned, I never intend to acquire this one at all, instead I’ve placed my attention to Voyager Class AD-02 Classic Optimus Prime which is featured on the early parts of the latest movie: Movieverse Optimus Prime Robot Mode with a classic G1 Vehicle Mode.


I’ve pre-ordered AD-02 from a local store called Toon Shoppe along with a third-party mod parts set for my Fall of Cybertron Grimlock, but so far I’ve never hear any news from the store.

When asked after a couple of months of official release date of AD-02, the owner uncle of the store told me I can get a refund if I could no longer wait (Which I did) but he threw in another surprise at me when I finally pay a visit a few weeks later (I paid a visit one week prior but his shop had already closed for the day by the time I reached it).

I’ll definitely black list this uncle’s store from now on after I got the PO’d stuff since according to him I’ll give up my deposits if I cancel them, spitting all sorts of mumbo-jumbo excuses such as the local distributor being Hasbro, their Takara Tomy stocks will always be behind schedule from official release dates, blah blah blah…

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