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Exhibits and Stage of AFA14

It’s finally the start of my main report on my pilgrimage to the South.

The following few posts starting with this one will consist of segmented reports on all three days of AFA14, and may or may not specifically mentioning which day is which.


Arriving at the scene at about 0700 hours on the first day, I find the 3rd Floor ticket booth already starting to see its long lines forming.

It looks like these guys will not be able to join the queue at the entrance any time soon as ticketing sales will only begin close to the opening hours… 

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Day Zero of AFA14

AFA14 may have ended last weekend, but my Post-AFA Syndrome (PAFAS) had just begun…

Been neglecting the blog for the past week in favour of processing all my captured moments during my pilgrimage to the South, I’ve finally slowly queuing up my photos for upload to my Flickr account.


Time to make a thorough report on my journey! 

Here I am with several like-minded comrades at the boarding area waiting for our ride to our pilgrimage destination, Singapore! 

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Acquisitions Before AFA14

T-minus 1 day left until the pilgrimage to the South!

I’ve packed stuff here and there for the past few days now, making sure I don’t forget any stuff needed for the trip.  


Anyway, received this fragile box from the postal station this morning. Collected the consignment myself since I cannot rely on the Postal Dude to deliver it to me in time. >,<

Just look at how excited Tama-chan is! 

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Unchaining the Unicorn

After its reveal, masses of info, previews, and various news of the upcoming 1/60 Perfect Grade RX-0 Unicorn Gundam popped up on the inter-webs these past couple of days, inciting intense hype amongst the fans.


From Kura Kura Plamo blog, the Tenchou has already got his hands on the Gunpla and has posted a series of reviews on the kit!

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Floor Plan of AFA14

AFA officials are really going all out this year, with more than fifty of them guests and artistes to grace the event, which spans across 3 days and a night…  


Even the numbers of exhibitors and sponsors that will make their appearance at the venue are not to be reckoned with! 

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