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Yesterday, the 1st day of the 8th month, marks the 15th anniversary since the original Chosen Ones embarked on their journey to the Digital World. Celebrating the occasion, a special event complete with live streaming from Niconico was held at Odaiba, the holy ground for all things Digimon. :3c

I kinda missed the 1st half of the stream due to still at RL work at the time, but managed to view the latter half as well as catching the early parts after the end of the streaming using the Timeshift function on Niconico.


Was utterly excited and shedding nostalgic tears as I sit through all the interviews as well as several live performance of those nostalgic OP, ED and Insert songs from both Digimon Adventure (Brave Heart, Target, Butter-Fly, etc.) and its sequel Digimon Adventure 02, performed by none other than the original holy trinity, Wada Koji (He recently recovered from his battle against cancer, kudos to his dedication to sing on this special moment even though he had minor trouble on his breathing…), Maeda Ai (AiM) and Miyazaki Ayumi!

Not to mention the appearance of the series mascot Agumon (And also the seiyuu behind both Agumon and Gabumon: Sakamoto Chinatsu and Yamaguchi Mayumi), much to the delight of the many fans on site and on stream, most of them ladies and gentlemen who’ve grown up together with the franchise. XDc



An impulse purchase from last month, this little one was added in on the last-minute before my monthly cart of anime merchandise was to be confirmed and delivered…


Hailed from the shipping browser game Kantai Collection, this phone strap/charm is made in the likeness of the pet mascot belongs to Shimakaze, a chara in the game. ╹ω╹









Protected: Nyanderful Doll Meat

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And the Year of the Snake goes back to its slumber, as the Year of the Horse galloping towards a great new year ahead~!


Once again, a prosperous Lunar Pony New Nyaa to all~! X3c…



* On a certain day *



珍しいな~ What are we going to play, Tama-chan?


A Collection of Kantai Musume

Last year the world was caught in the blast of a new form of moe (Considering by many as the new Touhou Project…) that is the fleet management browser game called Kantai Collection, or Kancolle for short. =w=

Spanning across all types of mediums and forms, the various bishoujo rendition of World War era battleships charmed the likes of the otaku scene, driving its popularity to the max especially in recent Moons. 


Merchandise of these lovely Kanmusu, most of them voiced by high-profile seiyuu veterans no less, are popping out like mushrooms ever since.

The recent announcements of a Kancolle anime which will be directed by the same person who did the Nanoha series, as well as a PlayStation Vita version of the game, certainly further accelerates its new-found fame, much to the delight of all Admirals (Or Teitoku aka T, affectionately referred to one another by the players of the game itself…). 


(ノ´∀`)ノ*.。*.゚☆Happy New Nyaa☆・゚*:。ヽ(´∀`ヽ)

「Welcome to the special End-of-Year and Happy New Year special programme!」


「この番組は、ユナモンご主人様とオタクールチャーの坂、ご覧のスポンサーの提供でお送りします… ^0^ 」


Clingy Foxy Apparel

After the discovery of this foxy apparel, I’ve been in dilemma for days at her acquisition.

Yet this foxy miko managed to melt down my will (As always), beckoning my crying wallet-kun to its limit. =w= 


Unfortunately due to EG-Tops policy on Amazon, they won’t ship outside Japan, forcing me to rely once again my trusted proxy service…

Which means an extra couple of thousand yen of further spending just to get her to my den. T^T


Fateful Foxy Apparel

I kinda failed as Tama-chan’s ご主人様 for not noticing this almost half a year ago… orz 

A T-Shirt released by EG-Tops as a limited merchandise to C84 Natsukomi as part of the Fate/Extra CCC series!

EGTOPS_ Fate_Extra_CCC_Full_Colour_T-Shirt_01

Unlike most of the so-called Full Graphic/Print T-Shirts similarly priced from other companies (Which features only a single side of fully printed T-Shirt), this release had both of its sides covered with the foxiness of a certain magical kitsune! w


May the 4th be with You… Always…

4th of May is considered an unofficial Star Wars Day celebrated annually by fans all over the Earth because “May the Fourth” sounds a lot like the catch phrase “May the Force Be with You!” from the movies.. >w<

To all avid fans out there, may the Force be with you… Always…


Extra Merchandise of Another Fate

After a full Moon since the release of Fate/Extra CCC, I’ve finally completed and obtained Tama-chan’s Servant Ending! www


While preparing to start the game anew with New Game + using another Servant (I’ve decided on Aka Saber! www), I’ve unwittingly knowingly scoured the vast space known as the internet and found several related merchandise now in pre-order stage.


Raeg of the Postal Woes

It may be the Day of the Fourth Moon’s Aho today, but this is not a matter of Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted


In fact, this has really gone too far, my local Postal Dude! ‎(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ ┻━┻



It’s barely several days after the dawn of a new Lunar Year, but the 14th day of the 2nd moon is here once again!


The annual Give Your Big Bro Chocolate Day Saint Valentine’s Day is the very day when girls of all ages prepare chocolates as a gift to their loved ones (Well at least in Japan, everywhere else it’s the guy’s responsibility to dish out hard earned monies on expensive romantic dinners. ^^;)!!





A prosperous Lunar New Nyaa to all~! X3c…



I don’t usually celebrate my Coming-to-Earth Day…

But when I do it’s not my plan at all since I always forgot about the day itself every year!


Ooooh~! Tadaima, Tama-chan!


Total Recall

Several days have passed since the beginning of a new year

Quite an averagely good start and such a sleepy 1st Moon… XDc

Taking this wonderful opportunity, Tama-chan and Goshujin-sama will cast a glimpse back to the past and a peek at them highlights of each Moon as well as a summary of overall entries made during the passing Earth cycle… ^_~



Another year ends, and another new year takes its place!

Tama-chan and Kotama-chan, readying themselves by the balcony of my den, eagerly awaits the obligatory fireworks at the strike of 0000 in the mid night…

The calm before the storm fireworks! ^_~

Just a few minutes left until the btoom! ^0^


Eve of Eve

A couple of nights before the end of the old year, in celebration of surviving the Mayan Apocalypse, once again I along with local InnovaDDoushi gathered at Coob Coffee Club for a small Doll Meet to allow our musume a breather after a long year of work… ^_~

I was somewhat late for the meetup time, but the rest of the group were not there when I reached the destination… ^o^;;;



It’s that day of the year again~!

Happy Moe Day!!! ^o^


Doll Meet @ Coob Coffee Club

It’s been a while since Tama-chan accompanies Goshujin-sama to an outing ever since our trip to AFAMY12 a couple of months ago…

To Tama-chan’s surprise, Goshujin-sama actually brought Tama-chan to a meeting or sort of several other local InnovaDDo, allowing Tama-chan to get acquainted with Tama-chan’s brethren… ^~^


I Sensed a Disturbance in the Force…

4th of May is considered an unofficial Star Wars Day celebrated annually by fans all over the Earth because “May the Fourth” sounds a lot like the catch phrase “May the Force Be with You!” from the movies.. >w<

To all avid fans out there, may the Force be with you… Always…

However, be wary of the Dark Side of the Force!

GSC General Election

In conjunction with their 10th anniversary and as a token of appreciation for utmost support from various comrades from over the world, Good Smile Company will hold a general election… For figures!

Starting today April the 10th until the 1st of next Moon, comrades will be able to cast votes upon their favourite Nendoroid, Figma and Scaled Figures ever released by GSC in the past for a possible re-run/re-release, and nominate various charas in consideration for future releases! !


Lighting up the Darkness

Recently acquired a gadget to play with…

Proceeds to have fun in the darkness… ^o^



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