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Acquisitions: The Spoils of AFA11

Hammered by somewhat intense barrage of Post AFA Syndrome (Heard rotsa other comrades had the same problem… 0_0), I’ve not been able to properly sort out 俺の勝利品 from the event itself…

Good thing Tama-chan nursed me back to health as t’was quite a difficult period over the past week due to extreme loads of works from RL job (Even had to take a medical leave day off to cool my circuits >,<) and some minor others…

Anyways, back to early Christmas present unwrapping! XDc Got a trio of T-Shirts during Day 02, one from Cospa and the other two from K-On!’s booth

Cospa’s mine, a full print of Tenshi from Angel Beats! in deep blue colour… Wore this immediately on Culture Japan Night a couple of days later… XDc The K-On! ones belong to my best friend Donny Choo as souvenirs, as he can’t make it this year to the event… He accompanied me last year as my bodyguard… XDc


Culture Japan Night: Aftermath of AFA11

Held on the day after the end of AFA11, Danny Choo invites all comrades together to enjoy, network or mingle with one another…

Also known to most as CGM (Consumer Generated Media) Night or even AFA Day 04, Culture Japan Night is a gathering or sorts organised by Danny Choo for all comrades to interact with one another, exchanging contacts and ideas or even forming absolute alliances… XDc

The gathering starts on 3 in the evening and lasts until 2100 hours, at the AKB48 Café…


Of Dollfies and Dreams: Musume-tachi of AFA11

Last Anime Festival Asia 2010, Kareshi Kanojyo no Mise (A popular local hobby store specialises in anime merchandise and gifts) loaned a part of their display booth to visiting Musume-tachi, drawing the attention of curious crowd…

Since Tama-chan arrival, Tama-chan has been eager to join the rest of them musume-tachi on display this time around in AFA11, but the plan was backfired when rumours of KKnM no longer sponsoring a DD booth this year surfaced earlier this Earth Cycle…

Just as Tama-chan was about to give up, Goshujin-sama’s comrade (an Imperial InnovaDDo) shone a blinding light of hope upon the withered shippo of Tama-chan: The DD Display Booth is a go!


Transformation: Cosplays of AFA11

Pouring all my attention focusing upon the DD Display Booth, I wasn’t able to properly cover this year’s wonderful cosplays, which includes the crowded halls outside the Festival area… >,<

Nevertheless, I managed to grab some shots of those within the Exhibition Halls, many of them are made of quality cosers… :3c


Exhibitionism: The Goods of AFA11

Having a name like Anime Festival automatically steers our wildest imagination towards tons of lovely and cool figures, AFA11 being no exception… XDc

Continuing from the debriefing, this time around we’ll take a look at various figure manufacturers and makers pledging their resources into this event, displaying and merchandising their best during the course of two days (12th & 13th of November, 2011)…


Day 02+03: A Debriefing on AFA11

Lack of proper WiFi and hectic busyness during my stay down South kinda forbids me to do a proper report on the event, but now that I’ve safely reached homu homu back on my comfy moe futon, I can finally file me experience to those who can’t attend Anime Festival Asia 2011 aka AFA11… ^_~

Some taimu ago, Imperial InnovaDDo Gordonator commanded me to reach the forward base within the Festival Hall at about 0700 hours to do an early setup of them Musume…

Rewinding the time flow back to the 12th, I arrived to the battlefield at the exact dictated hours to find many forwards scouts have already set up camp among the enemy stronghold, eagerly awaiting for their chance to grab a ticket to the goal…

Good thing I’ve already requested the assistance of comrade saiseki on the acquisition of an advance ticket or else I might have to join these scouts too… ^^;


AFA11 Day 01

I managed to survive the trial that is the 1st day of AFA11… D:

Unfortunately, not everything is without problems… >,< Here’s why…


AFA11 Day 00

The trip down South is now in effect

Heading towards the local airstrip to catch my crimson Mobile Armour!

Long queue is long… ^^;



In just a few hours time, I’ll be headin’ off to the airstrip boarding the crimson Mobile Armour down South for the Anime Festival Asia ’11! >w<

Besides Tama-chan, Chibi-chan will also tags along… XDc

See you very soon, the City of Lion!

A Plan to Hunt

With barely T-minus 4 days left until the flight down South for the 4th AFA, its floor plan has finally been revealed! >w<

Need to start planning my schedule in details now~! Initiating Operation: Niku Hunt immediately!



Some time back, I’ve already decided to make a pack of Meishi to exchange and/or given to comrades when I meet them during the upcoming AFA11

As my ancient Meishi from AFA09 are kinda obsolete by now, I’ve been searching for a trusted online printing service for a while ever since AFAX, but it wasn’t until a comrade mentioned about a certain provider before I ended my desperate search… :3c


Movies @ Anime Theatre

Anime x Tokusatsu movies during AFA11? You got that right! >w<

A total of 4 different anime + 1 Tokusatsu movies will be screen at the Main Stage area during AFA11!


Guiding the Schedule

With less than half a moon left until the AFA11, the officials finally revealed the scheduling of them events that will take place on the Main Stage area!

Time to start my planning for the 3-day-visit!


AFA11 Ticketing Information Now Available

The ticketing info for AFA11 is finally available for your viewing pleasure… >w<

Time for a thorough planning as it’s only a Moon’s length away, pretty soon if you ask me~! :3c


Revealing AFA the 4th

After many moons of teasing with a placeholder, the main site of Anime Festival Asia finally updated with juicy details of contents and features that will grace one of the more successful event of this region…

I can’t stop the heavy beating of my doki doki heart even as I read and write this particular post… >w<

I’m really lookin’ forward to this trip to the Land of the Water Sprouting Fishy Raion alongside my lovely Servant, which happens in the 11th Day of the 11th Moon this end of Earth Cycle, meaning it’s only about a Moon’s away…! :3c


Such a tease…

No further announcements on the website yet, but it is confirmed that AFA11 will span across 3 days from 11th to the 13th of the 11th Moon!

This time around Goshujin-sama won’t be forever alone… XDc



Just announced earlier by the organiser: this year’s Anime Festival Asia, aka AFA11 or A11, falls on the 11th of the 11th Moon of the 11th Earth cycle of Duo Millennium (11th of November, 2011)! XDc It’s 11.11.11!!! =3c

As the 11th falls on Friday, looks like this year’s AFA will span across 3 days just like AFA09!



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