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Back to the den after a lovely yesternoon only to find a certain kemonomimi on my desktop! 0_0


Sisterly Love… Haro=Win

The annual trick ‘o’ treatin’ is closing in a couple of days!


Memento of a Hobby Life

I wa shokku~!! Returning home from a fierce battle with workloads to find a huge envelope on my work station…

Upon close inspection, the sender is Max Factory!! 0_0

Working with Voice!!

The official website of the upcoming OVA of the school girl eroge comedy manga — Koe de Oshigoto! — updates with a rather unusual preview or sorts…

Super Dimensional Musical

After more than a year of patience, I’ve finally got myself a glimpse at the movie version of the mecha musical that is Macross Frontier… ^_^

Released last year in the theatres in Japan, international comrades never got a chance to view the epic motion picture, Macross Frontier ~Itsuwari no Utahime~ (The False Songstress)…

However, the DVD and BR releases finally came sometime this moon, propelling many enthusiastic mecha fans in ecstasy… ^.^

Do note that anything from this point onwards will be honey-coated with finger-linckin’-good tasty spoilers from the 2-hour-long movie itself… If you fear your stomach might not be able to digest them all please stay away from the cake… ^_~ Don’t say I didn’t warn you! :P

BTW, you can view the larger version of the piccies (1920 x 1080) by right-clicking on the desired piccie and view it on another tab… Keep in mind this entry will be very very piccie-heavy…

お風呂~ お風呂~

It’s DAT day of the month again! Time to refresh my bedtime companies with cunnilinguscleaning! >o<

Horo daki have served me well this past month, so she earned herself the very reward she deserve… A berry naisu dip at the (In-house LOL!) local bath house! XDc

The triple makura that makes up the daki’s body… XDc So fluffy! :3c

The Tentacles Strike Back!

Lookie what do we have here? XDc

From Mikatan‘s, bigger and much more fluffy, the creepykawaii crawlers are back for more moe terrorism!

The Tako 3-Shimai now gets a nuigurumi treatment by the plushie expert Gift! >o<

Of Light and Darkness

Fresh from the 50th All japan Plamodel Hobby Show is a range of announcement of exciting future release Gunpla and various Plamo!

Stealing my attention is the announcement of future installments of Digimon Reboots Plamo…

Eventho the 1st one, Omegamon hasn’t been released (But close enough!) yet, Dukemon makes its début in prototype form, as well as artworks of Angemon and Devimon!


Happy Moe Day!!! ^o^

For the uninitiated, the kanji 萌 is consists of 4 character components that when you read it in the traditional sequence (Up, Down, Right, Left…) you’ll get 十月十日 which essentially means 10th of October!

Incidentally, Moe Day this year is 10.10.10, the triple ten! So you can say today’s the Binary Code Day too as the world of digits is made from 1s and 0s! >o<

I’ll be spending my Moe Day lazing around hunting zombies or anime marathons… ^^; May you have an enjoyable day full of Moe Moe Kyun~! ^w^

On side notes: Finally got my package of Figma Aya and Nenpuchi Bakemonogatari #3! Sweet! Also procured a 3rd party battery pack for my Chibi Lacus in preparation for next month’s AFAX! ^_~ Furthermore, got myself a printed transparent sticker full of anime charas from classics until the latest and stuck it on the display glass of my cabinet! >o<

A (Xeno)Saga of KOS-MOS

The ever seductive heroine of the Xenosaga game series finally makes her début in Figma form!

Coming this February at 4,800 yen, Figma KOS-MOS Version 4 will totally blow your mind with her awesome array of weaponry as seen from the video games. 0x0



A joint production between Marvel giant and Mad House, IronMan the anime started its run just several days ago…

Yeah, I would like to see what's inside too! *Prepares operating table*

As evident from a short footage showing IronMan Mk I’s design in its OP scenes, this Japanese animated series based its designs from the ever successful IronMan the 1st movie…

Casualty of a Hidden War

Ngee Khiong, the first and foremost buroggu dedicating towards reports of upcoming Gunpla news and other products has been announced to be closing its doors… 0_0

Just like Gunota Headlines some years ago, Ngee Khiong will no longer update his buroggu with the latest news on cool PlaMo stuffs and more… This is a sad day for us as I’m sure many has been using his buroggu to stay up-to-date with all the happenings around the PlaMo scene for years now, myself included… >,<



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