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InSANity Streak

Strike One! Amiami! Strike Two! Hobby Search! Strike Three! Hobby Link Japan!

Three different sources, all pouring into my den three days consecutively… ^^;

Didn’t I say I haven’t order from HLJ for quite some time now? Well… This time is different because this is a SAN (Suddenly Acquired Nendo) from a fellow comrade!

As part of his Christmas celebration, Alafista-san organised a giveaway contest ala Danny Choo several days before the holy nite, in which we have to guess what he wore during his last Nendo Travelogue with kodomut-san… The prize was one of any Nendo currently in stock in HLJ at that time… ^_^

There was a perfect sniper shot at kodomut’s parallel buroggu entry showing Alafista’s actual apparel that day, but for some reason during that period kodomut’s entry was mysteriously barred… XD A disappointment to many would be contestants I’m afraid… ^^;

I’ve read kodomut’s post before this contest (And before the entry lock…), therefore my memory still serves me well that day, managed to put an answer the same nite the contest opens…

Well… I’ve hit the jackpot when Alafista-san contacted me the next day… :Dc I was asked to refrain from declaring meself the winner before the deadline, which falls on the holy nite itself… Thus only now I write this buroggu entry… ^_~

Nyaa~! My first ever nekomimi Nendo! <3 Lightsabres not included…

Courtesy to Alafista and his sponsor HLJ! *Licks*

Puni puni kittie cheek just begs for some poking…

Kyaa-ha~! XD

Here kittie, kittie… :3

Nyan~! *Chases strawberry banana*

Kittie wants a cube of New Year Choco…

…and she shall have one…

…in celebration of a new decade! *Mogu mogu*

Warmest reception from the Nendo dai kazoku…

But a quarrel soon broke out regarding the ownership of the new face plate…

All Nendo wants to close their eyes sometimes (All current face plates in my possession are 100% eyes wide open… ^^;)… :3c

Less than an hour left until the end of the 1st decade of the 21st century even as I’m writing this buroggu entry… ^_^ My last entry of yesteryear!

Happy New Year! Lookin’ forward to a great 2010!

At Year’s End…

*Humming while unpacking another set of goodies from the danbooru…*

Déjà vu! ^^;

Today’s acquisitions were supposedly delivered before Christmas but due to the lazy Postal Dude… >,<

Chopsabres! As preached before these pair is most suitable for 1/60 Gunpla… :D

Red lightsabres x Red Frame = Menacing! Need red eyes next… ^_~ BTW I don’t regret having PG Red Frame in my collection eventho the newer MG version looks much slender and agile…

Danny tried these Sabres on his Dollfies before but commented their length is too short for the 1/3 scale… I replied that the Sabres are more for 1/6 Obitsu Dolls…

I was right… ^^;

Rise of the Sith Baroness… Meido with lightsabres serving the Empire, what more can you ask for? <3

Nendojou meet Gizmojou… More on this week’s Sisterly Love… ^_^

Got a couple of di:Stage Extension Set 02 as well… Am surprised they came with Basic Set as well. A little disappointed tho that the gap between each clear panels is exposed allowing the dust to flow thru easily… >,<

The chamber of 罰ゲーム?

I Can (Not) Contain Me Excitement

Doki doki, waku waku suru~!

But 1st thing 1st… Yet another "compliment" to the nyanderful job by the Postal Dude, sheesh! ^^; This is the reason I usually use EMS rather than SAL…

Oh lookie what we have here! Nendo Mio and Nendojou! Managed to secure Mio from Amiami when their PO for her mid December shipment upped… The PO was closed within an hour! XD

Nendojou bursts outta her cardboard prison with a bang!

Mio and Nendojou sharing an intimate part swapping moment…

The rest of the Nendos scramble to greet the new comers…

It’s getting a little too crowded in here… 0_0

My Nendos are multiplying too fast… >,<


The end of ’09 draws near… After much considerations ever since my 1st acquisition of FigNendo type action figures earlier this year, I’ve decided to give up a majority of my fixed pose figures for adoption… ^_^ Hopefully some loving parents will pick them up… :D

All of them are authentics adopted from the Japanese store Hobby Link Japan and NOT bootlegs.

With the exception of Klan Klan, all items are unboxed at several occasions for photoshooting and checking, otherwise they’re still intact. All items are free from dust / smoke and kept in cool, dry cabinet…

Paypal is prefered. Shipping within Malaysia is set at RM 20… ^_^ International shipping is set at USD 18… Requotation is needed for two items or more…


Sisterly Love… Ichigo

Arrived alongside MG V, these three little rascals are too much trouble for the denizens of FigNendo kingdom… XD

Bottomless Top

Christmas come and Christmas go… ^^; Spend almost the whole Christmas yesterday concentrating on the installation of Victory Gundam, time flown by as I cut the parts off the runners piece by piece…

By the time I finished applying decals and stickers onto the Top Fighter, I realised it’s already nightfall… ^^;;;

Top Fighter in deployment mode sans Core Fighter…

piecing the Top Fighter is not hard as there aren’t many parts that
need to be panel lined (Thanks to my decision to use the included clear
parts), it’s the oh-hella-lotsa decals and stickers that are the cause of
the cumbersome drag… ^^;

This is how they stash the parts in the MS hangar as seen from the anime series…

Saves quite a lot of space IMHO… :D 

Core Fighter is ready to do a symmetrical(?) docking with the Top Rim… ^_~

See that hook by the side of the arms? It will be used to hold the Core Fighter in place after docking… ^_^

However before that, you’ll have to spread the arms a bit to flex them out in order to receive the Core Fighter in full… 


Laid the Fighter in place and slide the hook into the intended slot… Docking complete! XD

Looks much, much better than its initial deployment mode… ^_^

Definitely more intimidating than a Core Fighter alone… >:3

The belly of the beast…


V’s Beam Rifle can also be deployed alongside the Top Fighter itself… ^_^

As part of the package, Top Fighter can call upon the protective barrier of Beam Shield to fend off incoming attacks…

Talk about dual role of offence and defense! ^_^

The Beam Rifle is a combination of 3 different parts: a basic Beam Pistol, an Extension Barrel with grip, and an Energy Expansion Pack with sight scope…

A major complain over this design tho, is that the grip between the Beam Pistol and the Energy Expansion Pack when docked together is quite loose…

I accidentally cut a chunk off the extruded stub located behind the
barrel of the Beam Pistol that was suppose to hold the Energy Expansion
Pack in place… ^^;

To remedy this I’m thinking of permanently fuse the two together with superglue, creating a sort of Beam SMG thingie, which is a huge plus on my side as it appears more menacing than a mere Beam Pistol… XD

Let’s transform the Top Fighter now, shall we? :3 First thing first, adjust the red parts (Beam Shield Packs) downwards while pulling the white piece (With sort of a clip thingie) at the middle of each arms outwards.

Close the white hatch on the Beam Shield Packs while moving the white pieces mentioned earlier to the end of the arms, locking them into position.

Bend the forearms to help you locate a hook thing, push them into the elbow armours. ^^;

Push the Packs into the forearms completely to finalise the arms’ transformation.

Now turn your attention to the bottom rear part of the Top Fighter… Swing the whole front skirt + lower abdomen from their initial position to the front and lock them into place.

Next bring down the rear skirt and lock it onto the lower abdomen.

Problem arise at this point during my documentation…

piece that connects the Top Fighter to the Action Base snapped just when
I adjust it to fit into the frame of my lens! >,<

I managed to remove the broken piece from the Top Fighter using my trusted pointy-end tweezers… It sure scared the hell outta me when this happens…

should have use the soft PE material similar to the extra V Fin
mentioned during last review instead of the hard PS… This material
sure is crispy and crunchy… ^^;

Fixed the part using superglue… But I doubt I’ll be using it again…

I think I’ll turn to other options (Grabbing clip from di:Stage?) from now on…

Back to the transformation progress… Hand units are to be part-swapped with the clip thingie you saw earlier…

Mmm… Looks like a certain legless Gerwalker… XD

The transformation of the Core Fighter part cannot be done while it is docked with the Top Rim so you’ll have to unload and deal with its transformation separately…

Last but not least, open the hatch at the rear skirt to reveal V’s butt verniers… XD

Let’s have a look at V’s articulations, minus the calves of course… As the MG is focused upon V’s transformation gimmick, a lot of areas are fixed… For instance the chest until abdomen parts has no articulations whatsoever, much to my dismay… -_-

Limited movements around the head due to the hindrance of armour parts around it… Unlike Exia tho, V has double neck joints instead… ^_^

Articulations around the shoulders are severely limited by the addition of transformation gimmicks… ^^; Raising the arms (Via side motion) above head level is quite impossible unless you turn the whole arm around (In circular motion)…

Shoulders can move a little towards the front tho…

Forearm bending is okay, a staple of all recent MGs…

Besides the thumbs, there’s no articulated joints on the hand units!!! No more movable fingers!! 0_0

This is quite a blessing instead of a curse tho… Taking into account
of the weak joints on the hand units of recent MGs, they can no longer
hold their respective weaponry steadily unlike the tighter grip of the
older MGs like Strike and Zaku II F2… Furthermore, grips on smaller
MS like F91 are too loose to even hold a Beam Sabre!!!

So here we are with V’s hand units consist of a base with articulated thumb and several fixed fingers for various occasions (Open palm, close fist, gunner fingers and Beam Sabre grip)… Kinda reminds me of those extra hands on FigNendo type action figures… ^_^

Gunner fingers in action… Perhaps this is a way Bandai encourages us to buy B-Club’s extra hand units? ^_~

Deploying Beam Shield requires you to move the red Pack outwards and remove its cap…

Of which we’ll attach the deployed Beam Shield onto the cap and refit it onto the Pack…

By swinging the Pack outwards, you can readjust the Beam Shield to face to the front side from the end of the hand!

A common weapon on any Gundam type MS, V’s Beam Sabres are hidden inside its forearms… Remember that white hatch on the red Beam Shield Packs? That’s where they are… :D

Beam Sabres come in two flavours: the traditional pointy blade and the fan type… Looks like a Harisen to me… XD Good for Gundam Tsukommi comedy panels… :3c

HEXA waves you off with a blast from its rifle… ^_^

More bad news… :0 As the wings on Core Fighter are quite loose themselves, they came off easily when you undock the Core Fighter from the Top Rim… ^^;

And one of the hooks that hold the Core Fighter in place looks as if it’s about to snap off… 0_0

Concluding the review for now with the vanilla type in full (Half actually… ^^;)…

The next and probably final review might have to wait until New Year’s Eve or after…Stay tuned! :Dc

Eve of X

Merri Kurisumasu~! Took my little FigNendo family for a wonderful Christmas Eve last nite, ended up with them posing shots for me cam rather than enjoying the dinner… ^^;

Pre-outing preparation in progress… Packing and mutilations is norm during this phase… >:D

Chu-san cannot reach the mic stand at all, Nyoron~! XD

Ponytail Miku was originally one of the participants of the outing, but was later rejected due to the hassle of handling her Figma-ism… >,<

was to visit a certain Hard Rock Cafe located within Hard Rock Hotel (As its name implies, all manners of decorations are in dedication to rock legends, including the late MJ…) with my buds but ended up having
dinner just across the road when we found out the steep pricing… ^^;

It was a small Italian x Indian cuisine shack, however their
air-conditioner broke causing the whole interior to heat up like a
sauna. Luckily there’s a vacant table just outside the shack so my
company occupied the cool space for our dinner… :3c

The Tako Luka Shimai actually arrived alongside MG V earlier this week…

Chibily immediately offered to babysit the children before their mother arrive next month… (>^o^)>

But was quickly overwhelmed by the overly genki shimai… XD

Oh noes, you cannot pull out from the babysitting now because you promised, eh Chibily?

Mesmerising light source they have there…

Tako Luka-chan sure doesn’t mind staring at the light all nite long… :3

Nice and cosy for the pucchi…

The Tako Luka Shimai invades Chu-san’s private space!

Here come the glorious foods!

A certain drooling Tako Luka had her gaze fixed upon the pizza belonged to one of the girls in my group… 0_0

Chu-san gets to share a portion of my fried chicken stuffed with cheese and ham… I forgot its Italian name as it is quite a mouthful… ^^;

Buttered chicken gravy, an Indian dish… Chu-san goes muax! at the delicious looking liquid… XD

After the dinner we went for a stroll within the hotel, more specifically the beachside pool… Chu-san caught by a beam of light at the poolside walkway…

And the Shimai is drawn to the light like flies… :D

Chibily almost burns her eyes due to prolonged exposure to radiation…

She’d passed out eventually…

Before we called it the nite, I caught a frame of this colour changing chandelier lights just at the entrance of the hotel into my lens… Rock hard they said… ^^;

We also went to catch Sherlock Holmes in GSC (Not Good Smile Company but Golden Screen Cinema… ^^;) after the trip… Superb performance by Robert Downey Jr. as the slightly psychotic Sherlock… XD Highly recommended to everyone if you haven’t seen it…

When I reached home it’s already 3 in the morning… ^^;

Fighting the Core

stand up to the Victory! XD Victory is one of my fondest memory as my
1st Gundam manga experience was a Victory side story with cameo of
ZZ… ^_^ Back then I even attempted to recreate my own MS design using V
as base due to my undying love of Mecha with curves! :D

Anyways, MG V came as quite a surprise as Bandai have left the series
as well as Gundam X out from the MG line for quite some time now…
Gunpla fans are quite in ecstasy when the news came out a couple of
months back… ^_~

My second serving from Amiami containing MG V have arrive a trio of days ago and I already love it! Albeit a little slower than HS in processing your orders due to their email only system, they did a greater job in protecting your merchandises than the other… :D Not to mention their items are almost always a fraction of the retail price… 0_0

Fresh from the danbooru and you can see the Gunpla package is neatly packed in bubble wraps! Kudos to Amiami for the superb merchandise handling… ^^

A look at the box of the Master Grade itself… Standard white base box image on all of version KAs… Nothing much to see here… The yellow strip at the bottom bears the information of this G30th Clear Parts campaign which I’ll cover later…

The print on the rear side of the box indicates various other MGs that participate in this Clear Parts campaign as well…

Do note that the yellow strip is an extra piece of cardboard wrap so you can remove it at ease…

The information printed on the strip tells you of an online ranking system which will be implemented soon, allowing you to key in numbers you got from a slip in each MG Gunpla you got henceforth, raising your officer rank…? I wonder what will the ranking does…

A peek at the runners! MGs have always contained such high volume of Gunpla parts, neatly separated into various colour-correct runners…

Runner B is the blue one originally intended to be used on Victory… As part of the G30th Clear Parts campaign, a duplicate of Runner B in clear colour has been given to us as an alternative… Unlike what we’ve seen from previous promo shots indicating only half of the V’s body covered in clear parts, one can actually replaces all the blue parts on Victory with this clear extra!

As such, I’ve decided to totally ditch the blues and goes all the way with the clears… ^^

Managed to complete both Core Fighters in just two nights, with decaling taking up most of the process as Katoki Hajime, the man behind these version KAs are quite infamous for his mass decaling… ^^; Here’s the vanilla type…

And the HEXA type… The HEXA type is also known as the Rabbit amongst its fans… ^^; Between the two, I actually prefer the HEXA more than the vanilla… Perhaps V-fins are getting too old for me… ^^;

My first attempt at panel lining the pilot inside the cockpit… Not too shabby I think? ^_~

Note that there’s no sliding canopy gimmick on this Fighter.

The only weapon on this Fighter is a pair of Gundam Vulcans situated on the Gundam’s head…

The kit comes with an optional V fin… The one I used is made from soft PE material so I can rest easy when doing transformation as I’m quite rough when handling m Gunpla… ^^;

Nice butt-I-mean-verniers for a Core Fighter… ^_^

There’s a slight disappointment on the design of the wings tho… Each of them is only secured onto the body of the Fighter with a single hinge via a lock.

it does fortify the wings’ position during Fighter mode, you’ll have to
loosen the wings by pushing it out a bit from the hinge before it will
allow you to fold them during transformation… ^^;

Perhaps due to this fragile design, the wing pieces are too loose and sometimes falls off by themselves during transformation, especially the left wings… >,<

I actually much prefer the Core Fighter without its wings and tail fins, making it look more space faring and futuristic IMHO, as seen here with its wings and tail fins retracted… ^_^

Transformation into MS mode is actually very sleek and simple… The red chest piece is revealed from the bowels of the Fighters nose…

Pop / slide out the MS’s head from its hiding place… ^_^ There’ll be clicking sound so don’t worry, there’s nothing broken there… XD

The next step is to rotate the Fighter’s nose towards the lower part of the body…

Rear verniers will be lowered from their upright position…

And finally the tail lowered into position… The whole head x upper chest piece will be docked later with the Top Rim which will be reviewed next once I finish its construction… ^_^


A comparison with all the Core Fighters in my possession…


left to right: Core Fighter of RX-78-2 Version 2.0, Core Splendour of
Impulse, Core Fighter of ZZ, Core Fighter of Crossbone X-1, Core
Fighter of Victory, Core Fighter of HEXA Victory and finally Core
Fighter of Turn A…


With the exception of Turn A, all of the transformed Core Fighters are usually docked within the abdomen or behind the chest part of their respective MS… Turn A’s instead docked onto its crotch area… ^^;

The next review will focus upon the upper body of Victory, which includes the Top Rim docked with Core Fighter… :D

BTW, it’s the holy night tonite… Merry Christmas! ^_~

Sisterly Carol… For Teen

The holy night is closing in fast! ^_^

Random FigNendo Diary

Another entry to the FigNendo diary, mostly involving a dolphin or two… ^^;

Miko Otome~! <3

No Santa dress this time around… 0:


Dolphin rider!

Dolphin sashimi, Saber portion… :3c

Come to momma! 0_0

Churuya-san takes up dolphin taming as part time job when not drooling over Sumochi…

The aftermath of FigNendo shooting everytime… ^^;

Mastering the Frame in Red!

It will come eventually… ^_^ Released unto Bandai Hobbysite is a certain info of the most anticipated Gunpla of the years…

This MS will be released in February @ 5,000 yen and it will fully clad in red!!! :D

Kitaa~! 1/100 Master Grade Astray Red Frame Kai!!!
Nothing much is revealed thus far and the meaning of the word Kai at the end eludes my attention…

But judging by its price (Exactly the same as 1st release of Exia Ignition Mode… Perhaps light gimmick? :D), one may hope for a Flight Pack x Bucue Head double bladed Beam Sabre or a Mars Jacket… ^_^

Stylish Emotion

Drooling promo poster upped at Bandai Hobbysite featuring the fixed pose 1/8 figure of the Macross Frontier Itsuwari no Utahime movie…

1/8 Emotion Style Sheryl Nome… Altho I’m an avid Ranka shineitaichou, I must admit Sheryl looks totally gorgeous this time around… >,<

1/8 Emotion Style Ranka Lee… Construction bikini worker!?

Both of them will be released in February @ 6,800 yen each. I’ve graduated from fixed pose figures thus I won’t be getting these girls… ^^;

Combat Bug Stalker

Stalking close near H2 is her arch nemesis Combat-san from a rival company! :0

Equipped with twin Arm Stun Gun and Rapid Rifle, Combat-san is set to be a major military presence in your house. She’ll come with 3 sets of eyes as well as her poker face similar to H2.

To be released in April 2010 at 3,000 yen, of course I’ve POed her… ^_^

Flying through the Stars

And I’ve secured my grasp on Ranka-chan… ^_^

As Megahouse’s AFCL (Action Figure Collection Limited) Ranka Lee Stage Dress Ver. cannot be obtained by normal means (You can only order her or Sheryl using a coupon from Hobby Japan and is limited to Japanese residents…) and I’m certainly not going to spent my fortune at Yahoo! Auctions to get her (Which usually horde at twice her retail price…), I’ve been searching for quite a while now for an alternate figure trafficking method ever since Ranka’s announcement… ^^;

Then I stumbled upon this eBay power seller selling the 1st AFCL Ranka in her school uniform, which lead me to believe he might stock up on the Stage Dress Version… Upon several Q&A with him, I’ve decided to place my PO with him… ^_^

Tokyo Hunter is a proxy specialist in finding and acquiring hard-to-find, vintage or limited figures for you, have a look at his buroggu for many of the upcoming hard to grasp items you might want… It’s definitely cheaper than getting them afterwards at hefty adoption fees made outrageous by those blood suckers in Auctions… >,<

Still half a year away until her arrival… ^^;

BTW, PO deadline for this pair of AFCL is 12th of January 2010, so you better contact Tokyo Hunter before then if you’re looking to acquire your daughter the same way as I do… And I’m talking about you, Actar… :3c

Also for those who don’t know, if you adopt both Ranka and Sheryl at the same time you’ll get an extra Ninjin (Carrot) costume for Ranka… ^^;

Redux Sisterly Love…?

The 1st Sisterly Love is not a 4koma at all, thus it has been bothering me for a while… Therefore, here’s a reworked incident of what eventually lead up to the rivalry between FigNendo… ^_^

A certain knowledge is needed prior in understanding the last panel… XD

Omake! Taking up the challenge laid by comrade lightningsabre, I did something to the last 5 posts of mine including this one… :P

The name of my upcoming daughter! ^_~

Another FigNendo Diary

A couple of days ago I went to a mall just a couple of blocks away from my workplace for some outdoor sniping session…

Do click on the smaller piccies for a larger view… ^_^

Playing with water is so much fun, or so Ribily said to me before tripping on her dress into the pool… ^^;

Another note to self… Airheads will not float no matter how many times you try to…

Aigis decided to have a relaxing day by the pool…

I got chased out from the 1st area not long after that by a security guard… ^^;

Losing one of Aigis’ foot supports in the process of my hasty retreat… D;

Shower in the open…

To my surprise she actually insists on these shots getting pummelled by the force of a thousand gallons of water… ^_~

Wetting myself in the process… ^^;

Saber takes a walk by the sprouting spring… The soft breeze calms one’s heart… <3

Had to use blutac to hold Saber onto her difficult pose as she kept falling over without them…

Bathe within the sunlight on a comfy leave bed… :3c

Trying to play kakurenbou with me… XD

Never Ending Acquisitions

Spend a quarter of my yesterday after work visiting a local mall for some resupplies, a brief outdoor sniping and caught a movie too… ^_~

was already night fall when I reached me den, a pleasant surprise to
find a couple of danbooru already reached my place… ^_^ Together with
my acquisitions from the shopping, I’m beginning to worry if my wallet
can handle such abuse… ^^;

from their respective boxes, here’s the Smoked Cheese I ordered from
half a month ago (O naka hetta!) along with Resinya Asakura Otome!

is my 1st encounter with Amiami’s danbooru… Similar to how HS handle
things, they stuff sugar papers inside the danbooru to protect their merchandise from the
wrath of Postal Dudes! ^_^

On the other hand, It’s been a while since my last order with HLJ… If
not for their Christmas Sales, I don’t think I’ll use their service
again ever since I switched to HS and now Amiami… 0_0

The cheesy contents, nyoron~! :3c

Just full of pucchi cuteness… :D

Nendo Pucchi Churuya-san, nyoreron~! Her joints are very stiff tho when I tried to adjust her arms and base… ^^;

guess Chu-chan is still trying to figure out where in the world did she
ended up on… ^^; Oh look her extra sleeves I mean arms…

Half body bust of Asakura Otome from Da Capo II Series…

Nice body is nice… *^_^*

I have an extra Obitsu body, I immediately attach the head from the
bust onto the body… Achem… Have yet to properly dress her up… ^^;

as her head was meant to be a statue in the first place, she’s quite
top heavy similar to the condition suffered by Nendoroids…
Furthermore, it appears that her skin tone is a little on the brownish
side while my spare Obitsu is snowy white… Mayhaps had to get a
replacement Obitsu body later…

And the ones from the shopping trip…

A couple of Makura, a chair for my Obitsu daughters, Hobby Japan January Issue and some dolphins… Some DOLPHINS!?

The only reason I bought HJ is because of this preorder
slip for Megahouse’s AFC Ranka Lee Stage Dress Version, available only
at the middle of next year… She’ll be my next daughter after
Hinagiku… :D

tho, POing her is only limited to Japanese residents… Fortunately
I’ve managed to acquire the help from a Tokyo Hunter to get her for me,
his asking price is 24,000 yen not including shipping fees, which I
think fair enough since her adoption fee alone is already 20,000 yen…

Of course this fixed pose figure of Ranka caught my eyes as well…

But no I’ll be adopting her Obitsu version, thank you… ^_~

Meyrin sat comfortably on the chair I bought for her and family, cuddling makura and dolphins… XD

The dolphins are splitting image of the ones Arayden (He gave the grey one to Danny… ;D ) have, albeit chibi-er… :P

And yes! The glamorous Saber Extra from the upcoming PSP game Fate/Extra! I’ve already had her booked through Amiami… ^_^

Awww… Saber had a rough day… She’s now sleep soundly in company of dolphins…

Note the pink one… XD

Kawaii FigNendo Diary

More random FigNendo piccies… ^_^

It’s really been a while since my last cleaning of the keyboard, it’s collecting heaps of dusts now… ^^;

H2 see less (In fact, close to none…) and even less actions ever since her injury, but she still takes initiative on the den’s up keeping… :3c

Whew~! Otsukaresama deshita!

A book with lotsa faces… Facebook?

Turning the AFA09 TFS postcard into FigNendo carrier‘s emblem… ^_~

A beary kawaii ponytail Saber in shifuku… <3

A tribute to the lenses that almost break them due to sheer cuteness…

Now where can I find a chibi lion plushie for her…? :3

Waiddaminute what’s going on here!?

Lily striking a lily flag… ^^;


So… Yuri selfcest? :3c

Mmm… Something looks familiar at the background…

The notorious Lily panel made its return, starring Lily herself! XD

Oh come here you lovely—*smooches*!

Elsewhere, Aigis found a new Social Link in the form of Ojou…

"I art thou and thou art I… The bond between you has been strengthened!"

Till all for one!

The dawn of a new faction in FigNendo wars!?

Assorted FigNendo Diary

Assorted takeouts from these couple of days… ^^;

Asa gohan desu yo~! :D Had some chibi burger buns to be filled with tasty cheesy sausages… Nyoro~n!

BTW, just received Saber Shifuku the previous nite prior to the breakkie… ^_^

Drowning Nendo! Kurushii~! Note to self: Air heads doesn’t float at all…

This is actually my most used stainless steel mug at home. We call it Kong Kong (Empty Tin or something…) in Hokkien… :P

Scooped her outta harm’s way, and used the mug to prepare a nice cold drink for myself… ^^; Wet Rian-chan is wet…

Sharing my portion of din din with Saber… ^_~

Such a glutton this Saber is…

Ougi~! The secret Chinese art of Bian Lian (Face changing / Swapping) revealed!


Seeing doubles! @_@ For some reason I received two exact copies of this month’s PC Gamer magazine…

PC Gamer has mixed up my order or I made a mistake during renewal of
the subscription… ^^; It has happened for a couple of months now
not including this… 0_0

POed x KOed

since visiting Cospa booth during AFA09, I’m drawn to their Resinya
series, particularly Sasara due to
temptation of Arayden-san’s DD Sasara … ^^;

Unfortunately tho, Resinya Portrait Collection: Sasara’s starter set (which includes her bust pack, her uniform, an Obitsu body and some extra apparels…) was sold out… Only her head+bust stand lone package was available for sale so I gave up that day… D:

However, fate rarely calls upon us at the time of our choosing-blah blah blah… ^_~ HLJ started its own Christmas sales just today, and I saw a couple of Resinya in the list!!! 0_0 Only Otome and Yume from Da Capo II series are available for this sales, tho… No Sasara in sight… T_T

However as fate might call it, I’ve just finished reading DCII and DCII IF manga just a couple of nights ago, reigniting me passion towards my fave Burakon chara of the series, Asakura Otome…

With the one-two strike of HLJ’s
Christmas x PayPal x Free EMS Shipping 3-hit combo along with my previous fascination on the Resinya series, I caved in and ordered her in a glance… *_* Her adoption fee is only 2,762 yen, quite a bargain I must say, especially with the free EMS shipping… :D

Luckily, I have a spare Obitsu body in my vault so I can use Otome’s head on the body and dress her up to my liking… :P And thus another 1/6 daughter is born… ^_^ Incidentally, I’ve also POed Resinya Portrait Collection:Hinagiku from Hayate no Gotoku! series as well…

BTW, HLJ’s Christmas sales only runs from  7th of December (Which is today) until 11th of December… So you better act fast if you see something you like in that list… :D

On the other hand, Nendo version of the super popular Moe icon Akiyama Mio of K-On! series has just been released, but she’s already outta stock everywhere!!! While I’m more of a Yui person, I cannot resist that one particular accessory included with Mio’s package – the Nekomimi stand!!! :D

Luckily, I camps at Amiami almost daily ever since it opens its door internationally, and found out they have put up POs for Nendo Mio’s mid December rerelease… I’ve managed to secure my PO ticket, but found out in an hour’s time that they have closed reservations… W00t, talk about in the nick of time… ^_~

Quite heavy spending these couple of months… ^^; Hopefully my yearend bonus may douse my burning wallet… ^^;

Sisterly Love… 13th

War… War has change…

Messy desk is messy! ^x^;

Sakura to Meltrandi

Due to various reasons, I’m putting a couple of my figures for adoption… ^^;

1st in line is the officially licensed Good Smile
Company 1/10 scale PVC figure – Sakura Wars (Sakura Taisen) Heroine Figure Collection Shinguji Sakura from Max Factory.

• This item was
purchased from the Japanese store Hobby Link Japan and NOT a bootleg.

• Unboxed at a couple of occasions for photoshooting and checking, otherwise it’s still intact and quite new.

• Free from dust / smoke and kept in cool, dry cabinet…

Adoption fee set from USD 60 onwards, with transportation fixed at USD 15, auction link here… Keep in mind the auction link is for Malaysians only… Interested international buyers please directly email me for arrangements…

BTW, Shipping in Malaysia is FOC… ^_^

Next is the Ichiban Kuji non scale PVC figure – Ichiban Kuji Premium Macross Frontier Chou Jikuu Encore Prize A – Klan Klan Premium Figure Special Version from Banpresto. Originally intended to exchange her with Prize C Ranka Lee but it seems no one’s willing to give up their Galaxy Cindrella… ^^;

• This item was
purchased from KKNM as part of the lottery sale during the recent AFA09 and NOT a bootleg.

• Still new and mint in box (Never unpackage…) ever since purchase.

• Free from dust / smoke and kept in cool, dry cabinet…

Adoption fee set from USD 90 onwards, with transportation fixed at USD 15, auction link here
in mind the auction link is for Malaysians only… Interested
international buyers please directly email me for arrangements…

BTW, Shipping in Malaysia is FOC… ^_^

Kindly spread the words of these adoptions… ^_^

Bug Terminator-chan: Judgement Day

H2 returns with a vengeance! :3c

Coming this March @ 3,800 yen, Hoi Hoi-san Heavy Arms Version will come with various new equipments including a bottle, a Heavy Machinegun, a couple of new face types (LOL and Disgusted expression…), a giant hammer and finally a braided hair…

New parts aside, her
original long hair along with the ahoge is included as well, and Kotobukiya even goes all the
way to reassure us that all her new parts are compatible with her first

She even comes with a new USB cap that allows you to mount her on a stand! You’ll have to get the base separately, tho… 0_0

For the uninitiated, my very own H2 has been upgraded with three times her normal speed and Anti-Beam Coating after a series of repairs… ^_~

ExMode Ranka Lee

Although I’ve already decided to turn myself away from fix pose figure collections to focus on action figures (Figma, AFC, Azone…), this particular Alpha x Omega sculpt tempts me once more! >,<

Being my top tiered fave chara (Other than Lacus…) which may launch me into spending frenzy, the release of this figure, especially in her fluffy dress form, is tormenting my doki doki heart… @_@

Still about half a year away from release, this Excellent Model (ExMode… XD) Macross Frontier Ranka Lee Chou Jikuu Cinderella Version from Alpha x Omega (A collaboration between Alter and Megahouse!) will feature exchangeable parts to switch between her stage dress and bikini outfit, as well as several different arm posing, Kira~n! handsign included… :3c She’ll be priced at about 6,800 yen, in 1/8 scale…

A pity I’ve made my commitment to get myself the other Ranka, the Action Figure Collection series by Megahouse, of I’m currently searching for a way to preorder her due to it being limited to only to the Hobby Japan magazine January issue… I’ll be grabbing a copy later this week to see how I can place my PO on her… ^_~

May need to enlist the help of comrade who lives in Japan tho as it seems the sales of these kinds of limited items are surely limited only within the land of the rising sun… >,< Or else I’ll have to burn more wallets to get it from Yahoo! Auction or eBay… T_T


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